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The Album We Needed
Posted June 05, 2021
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know

Anna Golden is a worship leader and artist with a unique and soothing vocal tone. In addition to that, she is very passionate when it comes to worshipping God. Anna ministers to audiences that are mixed in terms of race and culture. Yet, she is very comfortable leading people in Worship regardless of the audience. Her new album Peace: The Album is released as a joint venture with Motown Gospel and her mentor/friend Tasha Cobbs Leonary’s Tee Lee Records. 

What it Sounds Like

It’s a duel album in one. Half worship record, half pop record, but all Anna! Anna is so unique in terms of her phrasing and pronunciation of words when she sings. It is evident throughout the whole album. “Safe” is a smooth, adult contemporary ditty accented by a subtle programmed beat to go along with it. It’s a song of reassurance that God will always be a “safe place” for anyone to run to. Keeping with the theme of running to God, “SOS” is a very lovely ballad of desperation and waving the “white flag” surrendering to God. Anna nails her head tone during the verses while flowing into her normal or modal verse during the chorus. I would encourage you to close your eyes and listen to this song several times in a row. 

Spiritual Highlights

Pressing onward to all that matters/Focus...and I’ll keep running to You/Chasing after You.” This is part of the bridge and chorus of “You”. Throughout the album all points back to Christ. It does not matter what the circumstances are, Anna sings about where to find “Peace” or whether the song has a nice little beat a la “Listen Breathe.” This record was carefully crafted to really point the listener to Christ while also being able wet his or her “palette” with a delectable array of songs. 

Best Song on the Record

Some may not understand why I would pick this song out of all the other good songs on the album. However, “All Things.” is the song that stands out because it is such a chill pop record sprinkled with scripture references all throughout. Anna’s contralto vocals during the verses morph into her airy headtone so flawlessly. She also masters weaving in and out of her falsetto like the pro she is. The only guest spot on the album is reserved for Tasha Cobbs Leonard of course on “Rushing In.” The ladies are asking God’s Holy Spirit to come in and just have His Way. They know what happens when God is in the middle of things. “Come on in and bring revival.You are welcome; take Your seat. We’re prepared for Your arrival.” Tasha does what Tasha does: That’s drive a song home! 

For Fans Of

Kim Walker Smith, CeCe Winans, Lauren Daigle

Final Word

Peace: The Album stays in that vein of the power of the peace that God brings. Anna Golden does a wonderful job of making the songs and theme flow to the point that you forget that it is half live worship and half pop record.Turn on the album and let it play. It is one to play when you are in a time of prayer or when you want to relax or when you just want to take a nice ride. 

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