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Triumphs in Tragedy
Posted April 15, 2021
By SelenaSchulz_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know
One of my favorite things about reviewing music is the story behind every artist. In every song they write. The message. The sound. The arrangement. Every song has a story. Contemporary Christian artist Tim Timmons has a beautiful victory story.

Roughly 20 years ago, Tim was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given five years to live. But, God spared him from a death sentence, thus giving the artist new freedom--and a testimony. Now, Tim shares victory and profound joy in his music. And, you can hear it on
 Tim's latest release, HERE.

What it Sounds Like
Tim explores different aspects of his voice throughout the album. I think it's often overlooked how many different sounds our voices can create and complement. If we allow our voice to rush and roll completely, many instruments aren't needed. Tim recognizes this and relies mostly on his vocal talent to carry the album; the rest of the instruments are there but not the main focal point, which makes the music 10 times more authentic. 

Take '"This is the Day," for example; Tim took a simple Bible verse, Psalm 118:24, to be exact, and created a sonic wonder. With its simple beat, it's easy to nod along to. And, if you're anything like me, you'll want to re-listen to ensure you catch each thoughtful lyric.

Tim's voice is accompanied by a beautiful choir. It all flows majestically together. Don't even get me started on the drum break near the end of the song. It's such a perfect moment to enunciate the song's message--and Timmons employs it with expertise. He utilizes his God-given skills in every other song on the album.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
Weaved throughout the album is a message that speaks of the joy found in the Lord. Like a stream of truth, this inspiration comes straight from Tim's heart. The repetitive nature of "No Other Gods" is perfect for the accompanying message: "So I'll place no other one above You/No other thing beside You/You are God alone" The message is a sound of hope and a promise for light in the future.

Best Song
It was extremely hard for me to pick a best song. But, after thoughtful contemplation, I decided on "You Never Let Go," which features artist Tammi Haddon. The addition of a female voice really balances out the sound. My inner pianist appreciated the gentle keys in this song layered on top of their beautiful duet. It is a wonderful reminder of God's constant presence in our lives.

For Fans Of

Pat Barrett, Phil Wickham, Tauren Wells

Final Word
When listening to this album, I could tell something was different. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I brooded on the thought and eventually came up with the simple fact that this is a wonder. A miracle by God that Tim has survived cancer and come out stronger on the other side. A miracle that he has crafted these songs and they have reached my ears just when I needed new music to uplift me. It's a beauty like no other. It's clear Tim poured his heart into it.

The music defines passion for the Lord and excitement to see His kingdom come. The sounds are polished yet flow beautifully with a raw message of truth. If you take away only one thing from reading this, let it be this: set aside a moment to praise the Lord and if you want a moving spiritual experience, have this album playing in the background. 


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