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Lecrae Releases a Deluxe Edition of Restoration Album
Posted November 14, 2020
By BPence,

Lecrae adds six songs to his excellent Restoration album in this new Deluxe Album edition. Read my review of the original edition of the album here.
Here are a few brief comments about each of the new songs:
10 Toes – This song was written by Carvello, Tray Haggerty, Ace Harris, Kyrie Briana Chalmers and Lecrae. It was produced by Harris and Carvello. This is a hard-hitting song, both musically and lyrically, driven by synth and percussion. He mentions Breonna Taylor and Black Lives Matter. He indicates that he is too black for his white friends. But as bad as things seem, he still has hope and needs to stay close to the Shepherd.
Key lyric:
Earth is a mess, but He still rose
Long as the tomb is empty, I got hope by plenty, ain't nobody can steal those
Rich and Famous – This song was written by Carvello, Ace Harris, Dave James, Zach Paradis, Torey D’Shaun, SAK PASE, WHATUPRG, Ty Brasel and Lecrae. It was produced by Harris, Epikh Pro, KheilStone and SAK PASE. The song has a driving beat and shows that a “rich and famous” lifestyle of money, drugs, success doesn’t satisfy. It features WHATUPRG and Ty Brasel.
Key lyric:
Sell my soul to sell a song
I have bunch of stuff I can't take when I'm gone 
Come Thru Jesus – This song was written by Carvello, SAK PASE and Lecrae. It was produced by Carvello and SAK PASE. This hard-hitting song, featuring percussion and bass, is a cry out to God to come through during times of struggle.  
Key lyric:
I ain't into praying to the universe
But I'm known to follow what the Son say
Deep End Remix – This song was written by Rapsody and Lecrae. It was produced by Anthony Gardner and features Rapsody. Different from the original album version, this version features a new verse by Rapsody. Lecrae is transparent about the pain and trauma he has experienced as a black man when he has seen black people gunned down in the street.
Key lyric:
Do you love black or just listen to it?
Are you for the movement or only music?
I Am Restored Remix – This song was written by Carvello, Taylor Hill, Ace Harris, 1K Phew, Wande, Hulvey and Lecrae. It was produced by Hill, Carvello and Harris, and features   Hulvey, Wande, and 1K Phew. This hard-hitting song features percussion, bass, keys and backing vocals. The song addresses being attacked by Satan and hurt, hatred and abandonment. Ultimately, it is the journey of being restored.
Key lyric:
I lost a lot, but got too much to gain, I'll probably never be the same
But I ain't worried, 'cause I know He restoring me
Celebrate More – This song was written by S1, Hulvey, WU10, Epikh Pro, Dave James, Andy Mineo and Lecrae. It was produced by S1, WU10, Epikh Pro and James. This upbeat song with an infectious chorus, was previously included in the compilation Summer Twenty. It features Andy Mineo and Hulvey, and has a positive message of not wasting another day. We should worry less and celebrate more.  
Key lyric:  
Tell me what it's all for
When you get what you want and you still want more
In the end, you know that life's the reward

Best Songs:
10 Toes
Come Through Jesus
I Am Restored Remix
Celebrate More

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