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Peace in the Storm
Posted October 07, 2020
By SelenaSchulz_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know

Austin and Lindsey Adamec are community names in the Jacksonville, Florida area. For three years, they have opened up their home for monthly worship gatherings. This has provided a source of hope and a deeper connection with God to those who attend. It was not always this way, though. For several years, they lived in Nashville in pursuit of individual careers. However, they felt a push from God to return to Florida where they became worship pastors at Christ's Church in Jacksonville.

The duo faced obstacles when they expanded their ministry to include maximum security prison campuses and public pavilions. There was resistance from religious protestors. But, to Austin and Lindsey, it was just a confirmation from God. He taught them that He can and will work anywhere. It was that confirmation that spurred the idea to begin monthly home worship gatherings.

Their website says that these worship meetings have become a "life source for many people across the greater Jacksonville area" and they have grown "beyond expectation." Austin and Lindsey Adamec have spread their passion outside the church walls and should be an inspiration to all of us who aspire to live by the statement: "the church is more than just Sunday."

What it Sounds Like

The tracks have a beautiful layering of drums and guitar that work together to enhance the "acoustic session" feel. Interspersed between the beating and strumming is the sound of a tambourine, which provides a perfect instrumental background. It transports the listener to a gathering of church worship and truly gives the album a feel of community.  The voices of Austin and Lindsey turn over each other, harmonizing together to create magnificent duets.

Their vocals transition seamlessly between high and low notes while still remaining connected to the melody. There is a classic church feel embedded inside this album, conveyed by the applause, chorusing voices, and soft prayers heard in the background. This live audience gives it an energetic feel of connection and it makes for some songs your foot can't resist tapping to. The dynamics of this album are perfectly crafted; the songs flow like a river from soft to loud, energetic to reflective, and everything in between.

Spiritual Highlights

This album is deeply rooted in spiritual truth and has a foundation on the Word of God. The heartfelt emotions that accompany true surrender pour out of this album as Austin and Lindsey sing about giving it all up to the Lord. The lyrics acknowledge that He is our rock; His presence is here among us and we are here solely for Him. 

In "Can't Deny It," Austin sings, "You made this prisoner an heir to glory." The final sentence before the bridge really resonates with me. God is here for us and sometimes it takes a little nudge to remember that. For me, this album was the nudge that brought me back to the simple concept of His peace in the storm. It was a pull out of the crazy world for a moment and a turn back to God.

After this album, there is no doubt that every listener will leave with new hope. That new hope and awe of God's love could not be better stated than in the chorus of "Can't Deny It:" I can't deny it/This love that's coming after me.

Best Song

Each song affected me deeply. So, it was difficult to pick one out above the rest. After some thought, I would say that "As For Me and My House" feels like a grand finale. Lindsey starts the song with a soft, sweet melody that took my breath away on her high notes. It later expands into a joyful collection of voices singing a promise over their lives. They take the Joshua 24:15 verse and give it a song: "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord." The emotion perfectly escalates in this song like the stairway to heaven, and it ends with a final declaration of faith as the album closes. 

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Final Word

This album is an exemplary standout project in this year of uncharted territory and is a respite from the overwhelming business of day-to-day life. Austin and Lindsey truly took praise and surrender to the next level. Their overflowing passion is contagious; this album provides a worship experience that is different from all the rest in the best way possible.

I have looked around me in 2020 and I've seen fights. I've seen sickness and I've seen violence. I have seen so many awful things that sometimes recovery feels impossible. But, in this album, I see hope. The disagreements rage around me, but they are silenced in the presence of the Lord. This album is a gift of peace and light in a time of division and hate; it provides me with optimism as I look forward to a new day. 

You can stream it now on Spotify and iTunes


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