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Much More Than Demos
Posted May 09, 2020
By BPence,

This surprise EP is the result of TobyMac digging through old laptops and hard drives during this Covid-19 quarantine period, and realizing that he had some good songs there that had not been released. These were songs that had not been included on previous albums for one reason or another.
Don’t let the “Demos” in the album’s title scare you away. These are excellent songs, with the level of writing, performance and production you would expect from TobyMac.  
Below are a few comments about each song:
On Your Own – This song from 2017 was written and produced by Christopher Stevens and TobyMac. The song is about the fact that we will never be on own our own, as God will always be there with us. The song has a good beat, driven by keys, finger snaps, drums and backing vocals.  
Drivin’ Me – This song from 2016 was written by David Garcia, Mat Kearney, Robert Marvin and TobyMac. The song was produced by Garcia and TobyMac. The song is about God being in control of his life through every twist and turn that the world brings. The easy-going song, which begins with a Mat Kearney feel guitar, features keys, finger snaps, bass, percussion, backing vocals and a catchy chorus.     
The Real You – This 2018 song was written and produced by Christopher Stevens and TobyMac. The passionate song is about Toby’s relationship with his son Truett (who died October 23, 2019). He’d not been himself, the pain had him acting like someone else. The song features bass, drums and keys.  
Rich – This upbeat 2016 song was written by Bryan Fowler, Mr. Talkbox and TobyMac. It was produced by Fowler and TobyMac and features Mr. Talkbox. Rather than the riches of this world, he wants to be rich in love, loaded with friends and family. The easy-going beat features keys, finger snaps, bass, drums, horns, backing vocals and a memorable chorus.   
Home – This 2017 song was written and produced by Dave Lubben and TobyMac. This song is about Toby being lost without God’s love, so he’s coming home. The song has a good beat, driven by keys, finger snaps, bass and percussion.
Key lyric:
I don't know how You've been so patient
With this one-sided arrangement
Woulda washed my hands and called it history
But You pursue with such intention
It's beyond my comprehension
To see the love I took for granted come after me

Love of My Life – This 2014 song (the oldest on the EP), was written by Cary Barlowe, David Garcia, Jesse Frasure and TobyMac and produced by Garcia and TobyMac. This upbeat song is about his total dependence on God, though it is also one of those songs that could be a song to his wife instead. (“I-I-I remember the first time I met You (Met You), My heart raged, jumped out my Earth suit”). The driving beat is driven by guitar, bass, percussion and backing vocals.  
Fighting for Your Life - This 2017 song was written and produced by Bryan Fowler and TobyMac. This is a song to his wife. He will be the last man standing by her, fighting for her heart. The chorus features a memorable beat, driven by keys, percussion, horns and backing vocals.    
Best songs:
Drivin’ Me

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