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A Master Class from Skilled, Yet Humble Artist
Posted April 18, 2020
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know: 
Jonathan McReynolds is a genius songwriter! He makes songs in a way that resonates with generations. He has songs that challenge your faith while reassuring you that your failures have been understood by a loving God. Songs like “Cycles,” "Make Room,” “God is Good,” “Lovin’ Me,” and “No Gray” are just a few of those songs. He is back with the EP, People even though his previous release, Make Room is still fresh and still making waves while earning him more fans. However, People further displays why Jonathan McReynolds is an important voice in today’s climate.

What it Sounds Like: 
“People” is the lead single and it is making waves due to the subject matter. It starts off with only John and an acoustic guitar with the piano added and accented by string instruments. Although the light high tenor of Jonathan’s is always amazing. The words permeate and always make me double back, rewind, do a double-take, etc. First verse hooks you in with, They are the best and the worst You’ve created/Loving and hating and opinionated/Deliver me from/People, people/When You said could heal me from anything did you mean/People, people, deliver me. So many of my thoughts are articulated in this song, but the best part comes at the end when he says, Forgive me when I’m one of those people. Mic DROP! Pastor Mike Todd comes and talks during the reprise along with the wonderful sounds of the Walls Group. Mali Music comes in and really adds the “sauce” to “Movin On.” This duet has been a long time coming and their vocals mesh so well together over this soulful ditty. 

Spiritual Highlights:
“Situation” is another example of thinking differently and not just making a cliche-filled song. Jonathan acknowledges that we can ask for and want things our way. However with this song, he just simply wants God to step into his situation. Maturity is wanting God and trusting His sovereignty knowing that having Jesus in our situation is better than anything else. He keeps this mindset going as he asks God to mold him and use him on the folksy  “Cathedral”. 

Best Song On The Record:
The songs on this record are too important and intricate. “Moving On”, “Cathedral” “People” and "Grace” would be the stand out songs on the EP. “Grace” will be a favorite when he is able to travel again and it should capture the attention of listeners who purchase and stream. I need Your grace more than I ever thought I would/You forgave more than I thought You ever could/I was stronger in head/But truth is, I need Your grace. The song goes from a very soft tune building to a strong Gospel finish backed by a choir. Oh and Jonathan hits this high note that made me step back and give a strong nod of approval. What CAN’T you do?! 

For Fans Of:
KJ Scriven, Travis Greene, Gene Moore, B. Reith, Tim Bowman, Isaac Caree

Final Word: 
People helps to keep the huge momentum going and more and more will realize that Jonathan McReynolds is special! Honest and relatable lyrics with skillful vocals. Although I would like for Contemporary Christian radio to also pick up his music, this young man’s gifts are continually making room for him. The world needs this EP and this artist! 

Listen or Pre-Order on Apple Music.

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