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Dyl. Puts Industry on Notice
Posted December 01, 2019
By JoshuaGalla_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:  
Dylan “nobigdyl.” Phillips has only contributed to the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) space for the past five years; however, his sound, confidence and influence resembles more of a seasoned veteran. From his early beginnings as an intern at Reflection Music Group (RMG) and serving as Derek Minor’s road manager, Dyl. has created six strong projects with November’s release of LOWERCASE TAPE. as his latest. The mixtape already eclipsed a million streams on Spotify in less than two weeks since its release on November 8.
Phillips headlined his first tour in 2018 (The Solar Powered Tour) and currently wrapped a tour with label mate Canon and 4 Against 5’s Steven Malcolm.
Dyl. set out to provide the true mixtape experience all around. On the day before its release, LOWERCASE TAPE. was leaked on one of mainstream’s most popular website’s,, as a free download. To date, the project has nearly been downloaded 700 times and has garnered almost 6,900 streams.

What it Sounds Like: 
The mixtape kicks it off with DJ Mykael V speaking highly on behalf of nobigdyl. and his influence on the culture. The hype throughout never stops.
Standout tracks include the opener “Catch Up,” “Fieldhouse Freestyle,” “Discrete,” and “Two Week Notice.”
Catch Up” spotlights Phillips brilliant wordplay, metaphors, and his signature flow bar after bar. It’s a wonderful opener showcasing he’s not playing any games this time around. Dyl.’s here to display his talents and rightful place as an elite emcee.
Fieldhouse Freestyle” featuring 1K Phew competed as one of my favorite tracks. The popping drums, the whistle, and infectious high hats coupled with some of Dyl.’s strongest flows to date combined for a street anthem.
Discrete” featuring Ty Brasel hits you with a level of smoothness geared for those after work on a Friday night vibes. Brasel and Phillips trade-off bars like an alley-oop into a monster dunk. Each quite seamless without any flaws sonically.
Two Week Notice” featuring Aaron Cole is a statement track. A beautiful mixture of harmonies, an acoustic guitar and 808 drums craft into a recipe for a standing ovation. Dyl. throughout the project, but prevalent on this track, voices his departure from a former label (Capitol Music Group) returning to a familiar ground of independence. The same independence he birthed through indie tribe. And helped fuel his recognition in hip-hop overall.
Dyl. delivers excellence in the form of a mixtape. Sonically, everything is clean, crisp and stitched together effortlessly. Lyrically, listeners are left with material to digest for months to come.

Spiritual Highlights: 
Phillips has never been muted about his faith and the influence Jesus has imprinted on his art in music. “I put God in my verse,” is heard in “Two Week Notice.” On “Daydreams,” he states “that’s why I wear this cross like a bowtie.” Phillips has always given God his glory for the stage he’s been given and the blessings which have followed.
Best Song on the Record: 
Write My Wrongs” featuring Tim Gent snags the title of my favorite track from the mixtape. The honesty expressed and the relation to some of his own past struggles hits a personal space within. It’s this level of honesty and transparency which has always drawn me to Dyl.’s art.

For Fans Of: 
Ty BraselSteven MalcolmCanon
Final Word:
LOWERCASE TAPE. is a buffet of refreshing sounds, an all-star roster of features, and smothered with some of nobigdyl.’s best art to date. Dyl. is expressive, candid, raw, and refined throughout the mixtape. His personal excitement to be free from label restraints and free to create art at will are blatant. Listeners get a snapshot of a focused, driven artist ready to inspire and encourage either from personal reflection or future declaration. Some say the best is saved for last and this example is no different. It may be November, but Dyl. has heads turned to reconsider their inclusions of Albums of the Year.

Stream on Spotify or purchase on iTunes.

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