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A Fantastic EP
Posted December 01, 2019
By KennedyMcNeese_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
A deeply personal project, Hollyn's new EP features six "stories" that she co-wrote to reach those who have experienced a loss or felt alone. Hollyn has personally said that this is a story from her past and she is letting go of the pain a man brought her. She hopes this project titled bye. sad girl. will help those who have felt any sort of hurt feelings that comfort they've been waiting for. 

What It Sounds Like:
Hollyn has released six different songs related to a past relationship of hers. It is more mainstream but it has a very good story behind it. She uses the guitar heavily in all of the tracks. She has a very pop sound to her music and writes outstanding lyrics that tell a different story about the same theme of broken and healed relationships.  

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
Hollyn's new EP is geared more to mainstream audiences, and while there is no talk of God, there are plenty of lyrics that could refer to Him. For example, the song "I Don't Know If We Can Be Friends," Hollyn sings, "If you told me that you love me Why'd you leave? Why'd you leave?" Sometimes we feel like God has forgotten about us and he doesn't love us anymore. We may feel abandoned and not cared for. Yet in Jeremiah 31:3 it says, "The Lord appeared to him from far away. I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you." God is there always and it's up to us if we allow Him to be there with us through the struggle.

Best Song on the Record:
The best song on the record is "I Don't Know If We Can Be Friends." It is one of the most played songs and can be taken in so many ways. It can help you through a rough friendship, break up or fight. The song talks about frequently asked questions like, "Why'd you leave?" and "Why'd you lie?" These songs may reach teens and young adults figuring out life, but it is made for anyone in need. All of these songs are amazing and fantastically written, but "I Don't Know If We Can Be Friends" has stood out the most to me.

For Fans Of:
Britt Nicole, TobyMac, Lauren Daigle, Tori Kelly

Final Word:
Hollyn's new EP, bye. sad girl., will definitely become a favorite of many and she will continue to grow in her music. I think we can expect so much more amazing music from her. This project has and will continue to help others know they are not alone and they can get through any pain and hardship that may come their way.

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Releasing October 2 |More News

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