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The Evening Hate EP Review
Posted October 31, 2019
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
RED is a GRAMMY® nominated, RIAA Certified Gold-selling rock band. They have released their first independent music creation, The Evening Hate EP via RED ENTERTAINMENT / The Fuel Music to digital outlets worldwide. RED is currently a trio, with Michael Barnes on vocals, and the Anthony brothers, Randy and Anthony. After a successful GoFundMe campaign to raise money for their independent debut, they announced this EP before the full-length drops in 2020.

What it Sounds Like:
RED has a unique melodic metal sound to their music. The more melodic RED's music is, the more popular it becomes. Fans love Innocence and Instinct as well as Of Beauty and Rage for their significant melodic elements complementing their relatable and honest lyrics. This EP brings two new songs, one acoustic cover, and two acoustic versions of said new songs. This includes "The Evening Hate," "From The Ashes," and the cover song "Hemorrhage (In my hands)," by Fuel. The acoustic songs are beautifully well-done and show that the band has plenty to offer, both in terms of their heavy songs and the ballads. 

Spiritual Highlights:
"'From The Ashes" reflects on where our minds can go when we've hit the bottom," says RED bassist Randy Armstrong. "You've been written off, left out in the cold because the world doesn't care about your situation and nothing in the past matters much today. It's about having the motivation to rise and turn your failure and mistakes into success and survival."

"'The Evening Hate' dives into the deep-seated hatred that everyone has felt at some point or another," Randy also shares, "as the band borrows the song's title from the nickname coined by World War I frontline trench soldiers in 1915 regarding the relentless enemy bombing. While we all experience or witness hate throughout life, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, we all have the ability to crawl out and rise above such a tremendous adversary, hell-bent on division and destruction. Without hate, the world would never know what true love really is."

Best Song on the Record:
"From The Ashes" is the best of the two heavier songs. There are great moments where each band member shines, whether musically and vocally. The lyrics are well-written as well. The message of the song reaches out to those feeling defeated and encourages them to rise up and never give up. This is a message everyone needs to hear. It is one that RED is no stranger to themselves. Of the three acoustic songs, "The Evening Hate" is superior. Listening to this version of the song exposes the emotionally charged lyrics of the song. The vocals are nearly haunting, similar to "Shadow and Soul" or "Of These Chains" from Of Beauty and Rage. Listening to this song is a truly captivating experience. "Hemorrhage" is a great cover, both in the stripped-down musical aspect and Michael Barnes' gripping vocals. 

For Fans Of:
Zahna, Demon Hunter, Nine Lashes

Final Word: 
The Evening Hate EP is a skillfully created showcase of RED's strengths. This EP gives me hope that the future of RED's music is going to be strong. RED gives us two heavy hitters, a cover song (which is not new territory for them), and two ballads. Even though three out of five songs are acoustic, it shows they have the expertise to expose the emotional lyrics of a song to be the centerpiece. We will be optimistically awaiting the full album after this promising release.  

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