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A New Era For Sanctus Real
Posted August 21, 2019
By GraceChaves_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Sanctus Real formed in 1996 with Matt Hammitt on lead vocals, but In 2015 Hammitt announced he would be leaving the group. As a result, a new era started for the band, Dustin Lolli took Matt's position as frontman/lead vocalist, and the band released the album Changed in 2018. The new record, Unstoppable God, is Dustin Lolli's second full-length album with Sanctus Real, and first with label Fair Trade Services.

What it Sounds Like:
For this album only being Dustin Lolli's second with the band, they bring a great, complete pop album to the table that will connect with people, and has the Gospel woven all throughout it. There are personal stories and testimonies in the songs, ("Jesus Loves You"), and there's also songs that tell of who we are in Christ. The album tells of how we are loved, that we are beautiful, and that we serve a God who is unstoppable.

Spiritual Highlights:
This album really talks about how God is unstoppable, and also speaks about all of the incredible things God does around us. From the title track "Unstoppable God," to the song "Lazarus" that tells of how God has rescued our hearts from the grave, this album clearly tells of the character of God, and how good and faithful He is. Particularly in the aforementioned song "Lazarus," Sanctus Real recalls the well known Bible story and the miracle God did in one man's life. In John 11:1-44, we read a story about a man named Lazarus, who died, but was raised to life by the power of Jesus. That's exactly what God has done in our lives for those who believe in Him. God took our dead heart and made it alive. He raised us up out of the grave, out of the darkness, and to new life with him, and this song speaks of it. "My testimony from death to life / You fill me up with holy fire / My testimony out of the dust / You raise me up like Lazarus / Like Lazarus"

Best Song on the Record:
Every song is great, but I think the title track, "Unstoppable God" would have to be my favorite. It has an upbeat tune, yet also a worshipful sound to it. This song is one that celebrates how great our God is, and how nothing can stop Him. The song talks about how God isn't afraid of the impossible, which is a great encouragement that we all need in our lives. 

For Fans Of:
The Afters, Jeremy Camp, MercyMe

Final Word:
Sanctus Real knocked it out of the park with this album, and I believe it will be listened to for years to come. Every song on the album is encouraging and will speak to those in every walk of life. This album is definitely worth a listen!

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