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A "new" vocalist has emerged.
Posted July 11, 2019
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know: 
Michael Dixon may not be a name that many know, but in the cities of Houston and Dallas, Texas, Michael is well known and for good reasons. Michael is a worship leader for The Luke Church in the Houston area while also doing session vocals for several artists such as Gary Mayes, Nu Era, and Chad Brawley just to name a few. In addition, he is garnering a lot of attention for his songwriting skills. Not to mention the fact that he and good friend and fellow worship leader, Dayanna Redic, were on Beat Shazam, hosted by Jaime Foxx. Michael has a real smooth voice and brings another element to Gospel music. This is on display with his Walk on Water Project

What It Sounds Like: 
Although Mike does have a smooth voice, that does not stop him from visiting a variety of styles. Be prepared to nod your head and move to the reggae-tinged, "All of the Days of My Life." "Mighty Long Way" is a call and response jam that is just like the title suggests; a look at how far God has taken and changed Mike. "Show You I Love" is more of an easy listening song of gratitude featuring melodic background vocals and Mike's falsetto nicely complementing Deejay Lowrey's lower register.

Spiritual Highlights: 
The whole project is vertical whether they are songs of reflective gratitude, songs of worship or songs of faith in God. If you follow Michael on any social media outlet, he is a deep thinker with a funny sense of humor. So it is no surprise that he is heavy on applause given to God in retrospect and for things to come.

Best Song on the Record: 
"Hello Sunshine" is the first song on the album and it totally grabbed me at first listen. Even after listening to the whole album, it still stands out. The melody and the groove definitely had me, but his lyrics were the biggest reason why you add this to your favorites playlist. "I can see the storm coming to an end/I can see the rain right before it begins/I can see the sun breaking through the clouds/It's been a while since we've seen you/Hello sunshine..."

"Walk On Water" is just a beautiful song of faith that is well written and arranged. He gained much traction on Instagram with the #WalkonWaterchallenge. It registered with many on social media and maybe Michael Dixon should issue another challenge. 

For Fans Of: 
William McMillan, Brian Courtney Wilson, Gene Moore

Final Word: 
Take a chance on Walk on Water Project, a solid offering from Michael Dixon. This is just the beginning of great songs that are sure to come from him. When you start hearing more from him and seeing him more and more, remember that I tried to tell you. 

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