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Solid First Album
Posted May 28, 2019
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
The Persuaded is a new four-piece metalcore band recently signed to RockFest Records, along with the likes of Amongst the Giants, The Protest, and Zahna. Josh Honea started the band when he began writing songs to combat depression, anxiety, and suicide through a Biblical viewpoint - heavy topics for heavy music! After some lineup changes and two early EPs, The Persuaded released Dawn of Destruction through RockFest Records on March 1, 2019, running at about forty minutes throughout eleven tracks. "Wolves" was the first single, released a month prior. If you want to catch them in their home state, they are based in the Tennessee area.

What it Sounds Like:
If Disciple were committed to making metalcore music, they would sound rather similar to these guys. The Persuaded boasts great variance in vocal capabilities to pair with traditional metalcore elements. Both Joseph and Josh have large ranges and execute their vocals well throughout, often harmonizing or echoing each other in the background. Chunky guitars and breakdowns are found in most songs. Key songs on the album are "To My Brothers," "Betrayal," and "The Fire." Each one stands out for it's lyrical differences. If you are looking for a ballad, look at "Heavy Heart."

Spiritual Highlights:
The Persuaded take on struggles that many go through head-on and unashamedly through a Biblical viewpoint, especially with their constant calling out to God to save. They call out to Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit by name, and a couple of songs are a direct prayer to God. Topics that Christians sometimes shy from are embraced here, such as betrayal, loneliness, cutting, and persecution. Yet, the band is quick to tie in hope and salvation to each. "Wolves" handles betrayal in a way that tries to understand the betrayer but still acknowledges own hurt. "You feel betrayed. But I feel it more. I called your name and you closed the door." "The Fire" is a bold conclusion to the album, wrapping up everything with, "Holy Spirit, rain on me. And burn away all my sin and shame."

Best Song on the Record:
"Lost Souls" wins the best song on the record for me. The vocals are strong and diverse, the lyrics are honest and hopeful, there's a killer breakdown, and it ends with a bang! Everything one wants in a killer metal song is here. It is sure to keep the pit circling and heads banging while accomplishing the band's goal of spreading hope. "So tell me when it is. That I will find my way home. After the darkness, you will surely find the light".

For Fans Of:
Disciple, Fit For a King, Oh, Sleeper

Final Word:
The Persuaded has crafted a solid first album. This album sounds like fourth or fifth album from a vetran that's grown stronger with each release. Any fan of metal should buy and listen to Dawn of Destruction - with the hope within it, they will find that metal and the Bible do indeed mix well.

Stream Dawn Of Destruction on Spotify or buy it on Apple Music.

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