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A Duo To Keep Your Eye On
Posted May 20, 2019
By GraceChaves_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Twin sisters Kellie and Kristen have been making music almost their whole lives, with Kellie singing since she was only three years old, and Kristen who picked up her first instrument when she was eight. When they were teenagers, they felt God calling them to serve the local church. Grounded in that, they felt it was time to also reach out to the universal church, longing to see the church as a whole united through song. So many people have lost the passion and fire when they first came to know Jesus, and Kellie and Kristen want to be a part of awakening hearts and rekindle the love the church once had. 

What It Sounds Like
With the more pop vibes of "Let Them Fall", and the more worship vibes that come with "Great Hope" and "Awe And Wonder", Kellie and Kristen have compiled an album that will appeal to those who love the sound of pop CCM, and the lyrics of worship songs.

Spiritual Highlights
The biggest takeaway I get from this album is that God is over and above everything. God is the One who is capable of tearing down the walls of fear, depression, shame and is also the same God that hung the stars in the sky, and He's the One even the waters obey. In "Wind And Waves", the chorus sings, "You're the God of the wind / And God of the waves / at the sound of your voice / they bow and obey."

Best Song on the Record
In my opinion, the title track, "In The Name" is probably the best song on the record! The song talks about our identity in Christ, that in the name of Jesus we are no longer held to fear, doubt, shame, sin, hell, and death. I could definitely see churches singing this song, and radio stations grabbing ahold of this one. It's a song proclaiming our victory that we have since we now believe in Jesus' name.

Final Word
Kellie and Kristen are a new independent duo to keep your eye on. If you need a reminder of God's power, and wonder, you should listen to this! I'm excited to see where God takes Kellie and Kristen in their music career, and how these songs will impact the church. Between the beautiful interludes and the dominant lyrics, this is an album worship lovers will want to get their hands on!

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