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Dynamic Modern Worship
Posted March 23, 2019
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
A youth ministry wing of Planetshakers Church, planetboom is out to reach a new generation facing a whole new set of challenges.

What It Sounds Like
Probably the most notable thing about this project is how varied the styles are. About half the songs fall into a unique rap-worship style completely with techno backing. But just when you think you know what this album is about, the songs do a 180 into more Hillsong worship territory with the title track (which, along with one of the rap cuts is featured both live and in studio). "Run to You" is the standout, featuring a worshipful approach amidst a touch of light rock chorus. Personal tastes admitted, this song also feels like it's the most sure of itself and its identity. 

Spiritual Highlights
Clearly aiming at a youth demographic, this album touches on basic themes such as the necessity of relying on Christ and going to Him in our times of need. I'd have liked for some deeper issues to be touched upon, but at the same time, basic truths are often in short supply and could still benefit young listeners in need of that message.

Best Song on the Album
"Run To You"

Final Word
With 2 fairly dramatic styles dueling throughout the album, this record still succeeds in demonstrating an unshakeable thematic unity rooted in worship.

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