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Making Their Mark
Posted November 17, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
With a soulful pop sound that no one else has quite crafted, Unspoken has long been one of the most underrated bands in Christian music. From the very beginning of their career, these guys have been making art that rivals the quality of artists who have been in the industry for decades, keeping fans excitedly looking forward to each new release. The follow up to their 2016 homerun sophomore album Follow Through, Unspoken now offers their Just Give Me Jesus EP. 

What it Sounds Like:
An often energetic mix of soul, pop and folk influences blend to create the signature Unspoken sound--and it honestly gets better with each release. Sonically, this EP stays in the same field as their previous work, but there's still a growth in the quality and production that continues to evolve their carefully-crafted sound. Lead singer Chad Mattson's vocals are as smooth and intriguing as ever, drawing listeners into each lyric and always leaving us wanting to hear more. 

Spiritual Highlights:
While not a worship album entirely, all of these five tracks have some sort of worship element thrown in. With topics ranging from the greatness of God's grace in our mistakes and human brokenness to His sovereignty in our lives and our eternal need for Him, this EP is overflowing with more of the brilliant songwriting depth that has also become standard from the Unspoken crew. 

Best Song on the Album:
There's not a single track on this EP that doesn't deserve a listen, but from the first time I heard "You've Always Been," I deemed it the album highlight. The song mixes pop elements with a worshipful spirit and anthemic lines that declare the faithfulness of Christ to create a powerful moment. As if that wasn't already enough, the key change at the end seals the deal with an extra dose of creativity and talent.
For Fans Of:
Tenth Avenue North, Matthew West, Sidewalk Prophets 
Final Word:
For a band that started out so strong, one might wonder just how much more they can raise the bar. However, the Just Give Me Jesus EP is yet another win for a band who keeps proving that they genuinely get better every time we hear them. From production and vocals to melodies and songwriting, this EP shines as Unspoken continues to make their mark as one of the best bands CCM has seen in quite a while.

But the Just Give Me Jesus EP on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify.

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