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Worship Songs for the Church
Posted October 26, 2018
By BPence,

This is Chris Tomlin’s first album since 2016’s excellent Never Lose Sight, which was my top album of that year. Holy Roar is another gift to the church from Tomlin, containing songs that will be sung in churches around the world.
Below are a few comments about each of the songs:
Holy Roar – This song is written by Jason Ingram and Tomlin, and produced by Bryan Fowler. The song begins with keys and guitar and then builds with full band and backing vocals. This is a worship song to lift God up, to sing Him a song of love, to give God worship, which He is worthy of, a holy roar reaching for Heaven.   
Nobody Loves Me Like You – This was the second single released ahead of the album. It was written by Scott Cash and Ed Cash. It begins quietly with soft guitar and then builds with piano, drums, backing vocals and a joyous chorus about the love of Jesus.
Key lyric:
Nobody loves me like You love me, Jesus
I stand in awe of Your amazing ways
I worship You as long as I am breathing
God, You are faithful and true
Nobody loves me like You

Resurrection Power – The first single from the album released way back in January was written by Ed Cash, Ryan Ellis and Tony Brown. This joyful song opens with Tomlin singing over keys, and it then builds with drums, bass, guitars and backing vocals. 
Key lyric:
Jesus, You have given us freedom
I'm no longer bound by sin and darkness
Living in the light of Your goodness
You have given us freedom

Goodness, Love and Mercy - This song is written by Ed Cash, NEEDTOBREATHE’s Bo Rinehart and Bear Rinehart and Tomlin. The mid-tempo song opens with acoustic guitar and gently builds, featuring some good piano, guitar and backing vocals. It is a worship song based on Psalm 23.  
Key lyric:
Surely goodness, love and mercy
Will follow wherever I go
Satisfied - This song is written by Jason Ingram, Ross Copperman and Tomlin. Driven by an excellent drum beat, and hand claps, this upbeat and joyful song will sound great on the radio and in concert. Tomlin sings that as he counts his blessings he couldn’t ask for more. In God he is satisfied. Nothing and no one else will ever satisfy.
Key lyric:
I count my blessings one by one
Your goodness in my life
How could I ask for more
In You, I'm satisfied

Impact - This song is written by Mitch Wong, Tommy Sjostrom and Tomlin. The worship song begins with piano and strings. It gently builds, as Tomlin sings of waiting, surrender and laying down his defenses, to a powerful bridge in which he sings of love like a mighty river and rushing wind.
Key lyric:
As I worship in surrender
I feel heaven drawing closer
As I lay down my defenses
Your love invades
And I brace for the impact

Praise Him Forever – This song has a driving beat from the beginning. It is a joyful worship song that sounds like the best of Tomlin’s worship songs. Let everything that breathes, let all the earth proclaim great is the Lord our God. The song ends with another reference to the album’s title, Hear the holy roar, praise Him forever. A highlight.
Is He Worthy? – This wonderful song based on Revelation 5 was written by Andrew Peterson and Ben Shive, and was originally recorded by Peterson for his Resurrection Letters, Vol 1 album.  The song opens with Tomlin singing over piano and light guitar and it gradually builds to a powerful ending. It features excellent choir vocals. 
Key lyric:
Is He worthy? Is He worthy?
Of all blessing and honor and glory
Is He worthy of this?
He is

Forever Young – This is not a cover of the Bob Dylan song with the same title. The song begins with keys and guitar and gently builds. He is born again, saved by loved. In God’s presence he is forever young. With his final presence he’ll praise the Lord.
I Stand In Awe – This beautiful worship song features Nicole Serrano on lead vocals, with Tomlin offering some light backing vocals. When we consider all that God has done, we can do nothing but stand in awe. The song begins with Serrano singing over piano and the song builds gently. All glory, all honor, all worship and all praise, all blessing and all power is His.
Praise Is The Highway – This mid-tempo worship song is written by Tomlin, Hillsong’s Ben Fielding, Bethel’s Brian Johnson and Sean Feucht. The song begins with guitar and drums and builds gently. He is our God, He will be praised. Revival will come and the church will awake. He forever reigns. Sing like thunder His praises loud.  
Key lyric:
Praise is the highway to the throne of God
Praise is the highway to the heart of God
Praise is the highway to the move of God

How Sweet It Is – The closing song is written by Tomlin, Pat Barrett, Hank Bentley and Jessie Early. This is a slower praise song, which features vocals from Pat Barrett, who co-wrote “Good Good Father”, which Tomlin recorded for his previous album. The song begins with acoustic guitar and keys. Nothing else in history compares with what God has done for us. How sweet it is to be loved by Jesus.   

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