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Pop and Worship Collide
Posted October 18, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
It's been a whirlwind of a career for pop artist and worship leader Sarah Reeves. What started as a major label debut almost a decade ago soon turned to a few years of riding the waves as an independent artist with her popular YouTube covers, all leading up to her return to a major label in 2016. Now with a new sound that continues to mature with every song, Sarah offers her full-length album Easy Never Needed You

What it Sounds Like:
The first era of Sarah Reeves music showed us the strength of her pop sensibilities, while the "covers" era showed more of her heart for worship. The beautiful thing about her current record is that it combines the best of both of those sides of Sarah's talents, blending pop melodies ("Something About You," "Right Where You Want Me," "Details") with worshipful prayers ("Just Want You," "Fall Afresh," "Faithful") for a project that carries a matured sound all her own. 
Spiritual Highlights:
Whether the moment is high-energy or reverent praise, the lyrical content on this album is all vertical and pointing back to Christ. With messages of the faithfulness of Christ and His sovereignty to lead us where He wants us, the whole record is a breath of fresh air that encourages listeners on a spiritual level.

Best Song on the Album:
There are many noteworthy tracks on Easy Never Needed You, but one that stands out in every area of production is "Right Where You Want Me." With an uplifting and positive message of confidence, Sarah's unique vocal carries this song with grace as the vibrant beat invites fans into a fun listen. 
For Fans Of:
Francesca Battistelli, Hollyn, Meredith Andrews 
Final Word:
Easy Never Needed You is a home-run of an album. As Sarah Reeves makes a bold return to the forefront of Christian music, this project makes it clear that she's raising the bar for her fellow artists and songwriters. A high-quality collection of songs that bring out the best of her abilities in both the pop and worship worlds, this is Sarah Reeves at the top of her game.  

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