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Musically Intriguing and Theologically Rich
Posted October 05, 2018
By JasminPatterson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Michigan-based worship band, Inspiration Worship, releases their first full-length album, Powerful, on Radiate Music.

What It Sounds Like
What's most surprising and engaging about Powerful is the diversity of musical styles on the album. Inspiration Worship draws from different genres and sounds that you wouldn't expect to hear together on one album and crafts them into an overall body of work that is musically intriguing and true to who they are. Songs like album opener "Take Me," "One God," and "Roar" are more electronic, synth driven mellow pop. "The Blood" feels closer to what comes to mind when you think of a corporate worship song. "I Can't Fix You, a song written by band members Tom and Linda Doane for their daughter as she struggled with anorexia, is a ballad that is beautiful and vulnerable both lyrically and musically. "Rise Up," featuring Adam Klutinoty, feels like a nod to a more pop/rock style. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
It's refreshing how theologically rich the lyrics are on Powerful. In "Scepter and Crown," lead vocalist Linda Doane sings, "But the Word had the last Word when He rose from the grave, free from the nails and scourge / And the Word won't be held down / He's coming back in the clouds with a scepter and crown." The fact that Linda isn't afraid to be honest with God about her struggles and need for Him comes across clearly in songs like "Never Let Me Go," which is as honest and hopeful as it is catchy and sing-able. 

Best Song On The Record
"The Blood" wins for best song on the record. It's a special moment on the album because of the truth it proclaims about the cross and the blood of Jesus, and also because it features Diane's husband Tom Doane as the lead vocalist. 

For Fans Of
Nathan Sheridan, Catie Hurst, Here Be Lions

Final Word
Powerful has a little bit of everything. The lyrical content perfectly balances being relatable and vulnerable with being theologically rich and challenging. And no matter what genre of music you gravitate toward, there's something on this album you can connect with.

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