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Solid, Transparent Release from Mineo
Posted October 04, 2018
By BPence,

Andy Mineo follows up his I: The Arrow EP with this seven-song release. It’s the second of four EPs we can expect from him. It’s another solid and transparent effort from Mineo.  
Below are a few brief comments on each of the songs:
Almost… – This short opener is produced by, and features soulful vocals from David James.  The song is written by James and Mineo. He sings “What if you’re almost there?”
...There – The opening song leads quickly into this song produced and written by David James, Ace Harris and Mineo. The song, which features a good beat, finds Mineo dealing with his demons and reconstructing everything he once believed in. He raps “I got angels flyin' all around, I pray they take me off the ground, I know I got One lookin' down on me”.
Key lyric:
Every sword got two edges.
Friends – This song was produced by GSP, Chad Gardener and Daniel Steele. It was written by Jon Bellion and Mineo. Mineo brings passion to this sad song which is about what friends are not. They don’t think about him, or call him unless they need something. Where does he go when his soul is hurting?
Key lyric:
When the last time you think 'bout me? Hey
Probably the last time the drinks on me, hey
None of My Business – This song is produced by Vikaden and written by Mineo. It features background vocals from Elhae and Xavier Omar. On this musically upbeat song Mineo states that if you don’t like him, that’s your problem. When he lets it bother him, well, that’s his problem. He raps about gossip and hypocrisy.  
Crazy – This song is produced by Chad Gardner and Daniel Steele. It is written by Gardner, Steele and Mineo, and features vocals from Gardner and backing vocals from Willow Stephens. The song opens with percussion, and a vocal from Gardner.  He raps about responding to haters on social medial. The song uses some verses from the African-American spiritual “Standing in the Need of Prayer”, Not my momma, not my daddy, not my uncle, but it’s me oh Lord. Standing in the need of prayer.
Donuts – This song was produced by Chad Gardner and Daniel Steele and written by Phonte, Gardner, Christon Gray, Steele and Mineo. It features vocals from Phonte and Gray. Mineo and Phonte trade verses while Gardner handles the chorus. The song features some excellent percussion and a good beat. Mineo reminds himself that it’s not about sales and that they have planted a church. Unfortunately, the song uses the word “damn”. Not a huge thing, but you must wonder why he felt that was necessary.
Shame – This song is produced by GSP, Chad Gardner and Daniel Steele. It is written by Josh Garrells, Jon Bellion, Gardner, Steele and Mineo, and features Garrells on vocals. I particularly liked the bridge as he sings “Jesus, He washes away all of my sin, washes away all my sin”. The song is an honest and transparent look at Mineo’s struggles with porn. It builds near the end with horns and backing vocals.  
Key lyric:
Everybody's crooked, some just do a better job at hiding it

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Releasing October 2 |More News

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