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Worship for the Fight
Posted September 30, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
While Fighting For Us may technically be a debut album, Michael Farren is far from a new artist. The former Pocket Full of Rocks frontman has been impacting the music community for well over a decade now as a worship leader, award-winning producer and songwriter, but has recently stepped into a new role as a solo artist with Integrity Music. Farren now offers up his first project on his own, Fighting For Us-- an album that encourages listeners with hope and faith ingrained into every worshipful lyric. 

What it Sounds Like:
As you would expect from one of the most heartfelt and authentic worship leaders around, this album is one that creates an atmosphere of praise from it's first to final notes. A project that holds both personal anthems and congregational declarations, Fighting For Us is victorious, spirit-shaking worship. From the uptempo vibes of "Prisoners" and "Goodness and Mercy" to the beautifully profound lyricism in ballads "Loved & Known" and "Always Have Jesus," you can hear Michael's passion for worship in every carefully-crafted melody.  

Spiritual Highlights:
Themes on Fighting For Us range from identity ("Loved & Known," "I Belong To Jesus") to the faithfulness of God in times of trial ("Fighting For Us," "Always Have Jesus") and powerful songs of praise ("Praise The King," "Oh Praise"), but one thing that stays constant in every track is the focus on glorifying God. Each lyric is rooted in Biblical truths, weaving encouragement into every line and pointing listeners to hope in Christ. 

Best Song on the Album:
There truly isn't a less-than-remarkable track on the entire album, but if we're picking favorites, the obvious choice has to be the title track. A bold anthem that speaks of the fierce love and protection Christ provides for His children, "Fighting For Us" is a song to be played on repeat for anyone walking through a season of struggle: "You won't hold back when it comes to Your children / You fiercely defend us 'til we stand delivered / You're fighting for us / always fighting for us."
For Fans Of:
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Final Word:
For someone as well-seasoned in writing impactful songs for the Church as Michael Farren is, it should come as no surprise that Fighting For Us is one of the best worship records of 2018. Every element, from the brilliant songwriting to the high-quality sound and everything in between, combines to make this a flawless solo debut for an artist we already can't wait to hear more from. These songs will resonate with you no matter where you are in your journey. However, especially if you find yourself in a season of difficulty, they will be a soundtrack of worship in the midst of your fight, serving as an emphatic reminder that the Father is always fighting with you and for you.

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