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The Rocks Cry Out
Posted September 21, 2018
By KaitlynBarbour_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know
Any fan of Canadian singer/rapper/skateboarder Manafest knows he's full of crazy energy on stage, love for Jesus, and amazing music. However, his new remix album, Stones Reloaded, showcases a side of him not often heard and producer Doug Weier of Chicago has added gritty dubstep and chilled-out synthesizers to the already amazing Stones of 2017 to make this new album.

What It Sounds Like
Manafest's signature rock-rap hybrid has remained intact, but Doug Weier has taken this sound to the next level by adding auto-tune, different synthesizers, fresh beats, and beat drops. Some of the driving guitars in the originals have been replaced with gravelly synths to emulate the sound of a guitar and create amazing effects.

Spiritual Content
"Stones" is all about not being affected by the insults of unbelievers because of an identity found in Christ. In addition, "House of Cards" talks about the struggle with failure and the resolve to trust God despite hard times. "Won't Give Up" is about the fight against sin, and "You're Gonna Rise" is about the healing found in Jesus.

Best Song on the Record
Not only is "Find a Way to Fight" lyrically inspiring ("We won't stop till we win the war / We're gonna stand all through the night / We're gonna get what we came here for / We're gonna find a way to fight"), but it also contains some of Doug Weier's most impressive beat drops in the entire album that will get your feet tapping and your head nodding every time.

For Fans Of
FF5, Thousand Foot Krutch, Rapture Ruckus, LZ7, KJ-52, Manic Drive, We Are Leo

Final Word
Stones Reloaded has combined Manafest's trademark musicality with some amazing dubstep production in his partnership with EDM producer Doug Weier. Whether you're a diehard Manafest fan, a lover of electronica, or a first-time listener, you'll want to pick up this album as soon as you get the chance!

Buy it on itunes or listen on Spotify.

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