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A Major Win
Posted September 21, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 5 years to live 17 years ago, Tim Timmons has a story that will stop anyone in their tracks and testify to the overwhelming faithfulness of God. The singer/songwriter has a gift for infusing deep Scriptural truths into fun pop melodies, and whether the task at hand is a worship set or a children's album, Timmons tackles it with meaning and authenticity. His first bit of new music since 2015's Awake Our Souls (save a children's record last year), Tim is back with a brand new single featuring longtime Christian music icon Amy Grant

What it Sounds Like:
A song that could easily hold its own in either a CCM radio setting or a congregational worship service, "I Belong" offers an acoustic-tinted pop vibe that suits Timmons' soulful voice well. Though Tim carries the song flawlessly on his own, the added bonus of Amy Grant's sweet vocal on the bridge takes the song up another notch.  

Spiritual Highlights:
The message of this song is one we could all use a frequent reminder of: we belong to Christ, and we are safe with Him. Written as an anthem in response to walking his community through a "really dark season dealing with loss, depression, shame and anxiety," this song speaks to the truth that we have a Living Hope in Christ, and He is always near to us: "I see Hope coming on the horizon / there's no need for hiding 'cause I belong.

For Fans Of:
Matt Hammitt, Jason Gray, Aaron Shust
Final Word:
Truly one of the most underrated artists in this genre, Timmons continues to craft songs that sonically raise the bar for other artists and lyrically uplift anyone who listens. Every aspect of this single, from production and melody to vocals and songwriting, is approached in ways that make me excited to hear what comes next from Timmons. Hopefully an indicator of more new music on the way, "I Belong" is a major win in Tim's catalog.  

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