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Another good one from a veteran artist
Posted August 19, 2018
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
He came into the Gospel world over twenty years ago when he sang "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" with the Mississippi Children's Mass Choir as a 12-year-old. He left many people (and kids like me) in awe that a young man's voice could be that powerful and high! He was a bonafide soprano. Fast forward to 2018 and Bryan is a licensed minister and one who has released several albums. To know that he has stuck with it as long as he has is impressive. Now he is back with a short EP titled, This Time.

What it Sounds Like:
Four quality songs make up this EP and he packs in an impressively good "bang for your buck." With Bryan well into his 30's, he has seen many changes and faced his share of challenges, so the title cut is fitting as he makes a bold declaration of how he is going to live stronger as a believer. The song is funky and upbeat and the synth bass goes well with Bryan's now baritone/tenor voice. "In Spite of Me" is a pop tune over a punchy drum beat that is both smooth and one you can nod your head to.

Spiritual Highlights: 
The songs are not heavy on mentions of Jesus, but very strong in showing Bryan’s reliance on Him. These are four tracks for the soul and will inspire during a time where Christians struggle with keeping up hope.

Best Song on the Record:  
Ballads do not always have to be the “best song” on the album, but “I’ll Always Love You” pulled at me the most. I appreciate the passion of Bryan Wilson and the straight-up love song he sings to God. He definitely has something with this wonderfully arranged modern day psalm. Some could even use this song to a spouse as it is apropos to a relationship.

For Fans Of: 
Dewayne Woods, Brian Courtney Wilson, Gene Moore Jr.

Final Word:
This Time is an appetizer that can really serve as a low calorie, but pretty filling, healthy meal. It shows Bryan in a comfortable place performing a more urbanized sound than churchy music and that is quite alright.

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