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Starting Strong
Posted August 07, 2018
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
At the inspiring young age of only eighteen, Riley Clemmons is a new signee to Capitol whose breakout single "Broken Prayers" skyrocketed to popularity upon release earlier this year. It's been quite the journey for the teenage pop songstress since, with follow-up single "Better For It" yet again burning up radio waves and leading the way for her debut full-length self-titled album.

What it Sounds Like:
Riley Clemmons is a pop record through and through, making it hard to sit still while listening to these high-energy tracks. With a soulful voice that soars beautifully in each song, this is an album that captures your attention sonically from the very first beats of lively "Hold On" to the final seconds of the emotional ballad "I'll Stay." EDM-flavored in places, these songs find the perfect balance of being meaningful while also still being incredibly fun. 
Spiritual Highlights:
Songs like "Better For It" and "Broken Prayers" tackle the subjects of finding the beauty in brokenness through Christ, while "Running After You" and "You First" talk about pursuing God as He relentlessly loves us. The theme of encouragement runs deep on the whole record, finding a thread in each song to spread the hope of Jesus. 
Best Song on the Record:
Every song is a strong offering, but debut single "Broken Prayers" still takes the ribbon for best song on the record. Riley's powerhouse vocals meet a positive message and hook you won't be able to get out of your head to make this a track you'll want to keep on repeat. 

For Fans Of:
Jasmine Murray, Sarah Reeves, Carmen Justice, Hannah Kerr

Final Word:
This is only the beginning for Riley Clemmons, and what a strong start it is. Music that goes far beyond a catchy beat, Riley Clemmons proves to be a contender for pop album of the year and sets Riley off for what is sure to be a long, successful career. 

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