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Check Out This Great New Voice
Posted July 30, 2018
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Drew Greenway has quietly developed a following online through a series of covers and other performance video. Debut single "Walk in the Light" is his shot at breaking out and making a mark on the greater CCM world.

What it Sounds Like:
With a mix of an acoustic guitar driven sound and modern dance-pop production, "Walk in the Light" is both a refreshing reminder that some music is actually still performed with real instruments and a relevant and musically modern song that fits well into what's popular on radio right now. Add in an impossibly engaging melody, and Greenway has a real chance to break out in Christian music with this song. 

Spiritual Highlights: 
The song's theme is pretty graspable from the title, offering a relevant message to Christians about keeping close to Christ in times of struggle. 

For Fans Of:
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Final Word:
Don't let him being an indie kid deter you from checking out this high calibar standout track of 2018.  

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