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Leaving a Legacy of Powerful Purpose
Posted July 12, 2018
By MattDurlin_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know:
Fresh off signing with Rockfest Records and hitting the road on the City Rockfest Tour, The Protest drops perhaps the most anticipated rock album so far in 2018. Following the success of Great Lengths, their 2014 sophomore album, the band has been reflecting on how they want to be remembered. "What kind of legacy do we want to leave behind--ours or God's?" says guitarist Adam Sadler of the album's inspiration. "I want people to know we love Jesus and I hope our music will impact them for His glory.”

Legacy is an album that addresses deep spiritual and heart matters such as having a purpose, fighting through difficult times, and leaving a positive legacy that points people toward heaven.

What It Sounds Like:
With Legacy, The Protest brings the energy with edgy and powerful vocals in the form of on key singing combined with impressively controlled screaming provided by lead vocalist Josh Bramlett, backed by the driving rhythm from his brother and drummer, Jarob Bramlett. The vocals and drums are brought together for a complete vibe when mixed with the impressive licks and thick, heavy rock chords by guitarists Adam Sadler and TJ Colwell.

Rock fans will be pumping their fists and banging heads to this album on repeat, and at one of the 150+ live shows performed by the band on an annual basis.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
There are deeply spiritual and difficult themes addressed on this project that will serve to give listeners renewed strength. “Take My Heart” is a song that reflects the heart of the album and the members of The Protest. This song is a cry to God to meet us in the depths of our struggles, lift us up and take our hearts to fresh life.

In addition, their website puts it quite well, saying “their new single ‘What Else You Got’ is a fist-pumping anthem about never backing down and fighting on despite adversity. It's sure to be used as a rallying theme song for college and pro sports in the near future. The song is the fastest rising of their career and  debuted at #39 on the Mainstream Rock Indicator chart and #23 on the Billboard Christian Rock Chart.”

The debut single from this record carries a theme about staying focused amid the best shots from outside forces. The chorus encourages fighters to carry on despite facing challenges from all angles.

Best Song on the Record:
Seldom does a band release a record that is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to from front to back, but that is precisely what The Protest has done with Legacy. This presents the unique challenge of choosing the best song, but the third track on this album has rock song of the year potential. “Knockout” starts off with aggressive vocals on a verse leading into a fun and energetic chorus. The rocking tune is capped off with a tight solo (duet?) by guitarists Adam Sadler and TJ Colwell to provide the finishing touches of a sure-to-be fan favorite at live shows.

For Fans Of:
Disciple, Project 86, Spoken

Final Word:
The Protest has delivered a memorable third full-length album complete with catchy hooks, deeply spiritual lyrics, distinguished vocals, driving beats and fantastic guitar licks. Legacy is hands down the best hard rock album released so far in 2018 and is ready to take on all future comers for rock album of the year.

Listen on iTunes and Spotify.

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