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Fresh, yet Cozy
Posted February 15, 2018
By MarcusHathcock_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Singer-songwriter Jordan Whitmore's first outing as her side project, EUFAULA (her middle name), is a soothing, heartening, Americana-tinged worship record that balances hymnlike rhythm, singer-songwriter emotion and corporate worship accessibility. Full of hopeful themes and vertical, unpredictable lyrics, Whitmore artfully puts her stamp on the worship genre with EUFAULA's debut, Between the Hills

What it Sounds Like:
We're seeing worship infiltrate every area of music these days, and it's pretty awesome to see it find its way to Americana. Acoustic and slide guitars, B3 organ, Opry-style harmonies, fantastic production and a commanding (yet still gentle) vocal performance by Jordan Whitmore make this project stand out sonically. 

Spiritual Highlights:
Between the Hills contains a beautiful back-and-forth of themes, going from a declaration of our need for God, to a resounding song of His power and goodness and grace. This back-and-forth continues throughout the project. The final two songs talk about the day when everything will be made right in Christ, and tenderly detail the "beautiful exchange" of our heaviness for His rest. 

Best Song on the Record:
"You Keep My Life," a beautiful take on Psalm 121, and a song that talks about how, despite dangers and troubles in this world, God has us in His hands. It's one of the more congregational, mid-tempo songs on the record, and thus, easier to sing along to. 

Final Word:
EUFAULA is giving us something fresh (yet cozily familiar) in the worship space, musically speaking, at a time when experiencing something new is hard to come by.

For Fans Of:
Ellie Holcomb, Hillary Scott, Reba McEntire, Cindy Morgan, Ginny Owens

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