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All Above The Pop Fray
Posted January 24, 2018
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

All Above Me enters a music scene increasingly devoid of genuine rock with a sound challenging the danceification trend of modern rock bands. While the choruses on Return to the Battlefield are soaring and melodic, the riffs come unapologetic and hard. 

Making strong use of the Skillet-popularized guy/girl duet approach to hard rock, with the lead vocals going primarily to the girl side of that coin, the album embraces a sound rawer and less produced than their more mainstream contemporaries. Songs like "Go" and "Labyrinth" exemplify the best of the band's sound. Kevin Young spices up "King & Crown" with screams that makes it a sonic standout. 

While moments of ballad-like lightness are tucked only toward the end, both of the album's softer cuts make effective use of the change in tone. "Yesterday" is a delectable ballad that offers honest encouragement on overcoming the past, while the praiseworthy "Sing For You" offers a juicy solo amid the album's most electronically-driven track. Despite being a sonic outlier of sorts, it's also a highlight.

"Christian Rock Heroes" may take the crown of most meta rock song to hit the genre ever (or at least since Pillar's "Turn it Up"), giving nods to giants like Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch. It's cheesy and playful, but will be sure to grab your attention. 

The Bottom Line: If you've missed music with a genuine guitar framework and also like production kept in check, you will be all over All Above Me's Return to the Battlefield

Song to Download Now
"Go" (Get it on their website here.)

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