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Posted January 22, 2018
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Fresh off the success of As Family We Go, Rend Collective's newest album Good News is available everywhere January 19. Listening to the opening tracks "Life is Beautiful," "I Will Be Undignified" and lead single "Rescuer (Good News)," it's clear that the themes of clinging to the Good News of the Gospel and coming together in unity regardless of our differences runs throughout this excellent album, the best overall album by one of my favorite bands in any genre.

Good News will have you hooked right from the opening notes of "Life is Beautiful," which really sets the tone for the album. The upbeat song is a reminder that our worship of God should not be based on our circumstances, but based on who God is. Commit your life to Jesus and offer Him your heart and your life as you sing along with this great song: "Life is beautiful, You are the color, life is wonderful, You are the wonder, rejoice, rejoice, in the sunshine, in the sorrow, in the trial, in the trouble, oh my soul rejoice!"

"I Will Be Undignified" captures the energy and sentiment of David dancing undignified before the Lord in a similar exciting musical style as "Celebrate" and "Burn like a Star." You'll find yourself instantly worshipping along with the band during this album, with "I will be undignified" appropriately capturing the joyful essence of their music ministry.

In "Rescuer (Good News)," Christians can all relate to our unending second chances offered by God, captured in Chris's vulnerable and sincere crying out throughout the celebratory song. "Counting Every Blessing" is a surefire hit song which uses the truth of Scripture as reminders of God's goodness. No matter what obstacle and anxiety you are facing, you can count on God's promises in His Word. I get choked up when I pray along with the prayerful lyrics: "I am counting every blessing, surely every season You are good to me." 

Chris's vocals in "Nailed to the Cross" are emotive, prayerful and honest, which makes the words he's singing all the more powerful. Similar to past songs "Simplicity," "One and Only" and "Immeasurably More," Chris cries out "I will preach the Gospel to myself, that I am not a man condemned, when Jesus Christ is my defense. My sin is nailed to the Cross." 

"Resurrection Day" is an encouragement, reminding that regardless of our circumstances, we need to truly be free in Christ. I love when artists take concepts from the Bible and turn it into a catchy song filled with truth: "because You stand in victory, because You crush the enemy, I can get up off the floor. This is my resurrection day... nothing's gonna hold me down."

"Weep with Me" is achingly beautiful, both musically and perhaps even more so lyrically. The song poignantly sings "Yet I will praise You, yet I will sing of Your name, here in the shadows, here I will offer my praise, what's true in the light, is still true in the dark." The beautiful melody and lyrics are sincere and moving as the song cries out "Lord, I believe You weep with me."

Good News is one of the most meaningful and uplifting albums I've ever heard. In this era of bad news, it is so refreshing to hear a celebration of God's Word, of the truth that Jesus gave His life to redeem all that was lost. This album includes a solid mix of folk-style indie tinged worship. The musical and lyrical excitement of Rend Collective's engaging live performance is perfectly captured in these recordings.

The Bottom Line: Good News is Rend Collective's best overall album to date. Do yourself a favor and buy this album immediately.

Song to Download Now:
"Rescuer (Good News)" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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