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Heartfelt Songs of Surrender
Posted January 02, 2018
By jaysmusikblog, Staff Reviewer

Louisiana-based singer/songwriter Brooke Robertson has been posting covers of popular worship songs on her YouTube channel for about a year. After a risky season of learning to surrender completely to God, Brooke's music fell into the hands of Seventh Day Slumber's Jeremy Holderfield. Together, the two worked on her four-song debut EP, appropriately titled Have My Heart

With a voice like Bethany Dillon's and the heart of Lauren Daigle, Brooke's carefully-crafted EP is an instant sensation with a worshipful pop sound. Acoustic guitar gives the title track "Have My Heart" a tasteful pop tempo as Brooke's impeccable vocals narrate a story of how God's loving arms wrapped around us can cause us to surrender our all, even when we are confused about our life's direction. 

With a solid piano backing, the heart-felt prayer "Back to the Shore" builds strongly throughout. Brooke's excellent songwriting is also evident in this track's chorus: "Don't let me forget the sorrow / Don't let me forget the pain / With every struggle I go through, Lord, I'm learning how to trust You more / The same waves that held me under are the waves that led me back to shore."  In this song's bridge, Brooke resolves to cling whole-heartedly to Jesus, inviting the listener to do the same. 

"Cannot Be Moved" is a modern-day Psalm, exalting Jesus as our strong tower in uncertain times. The closing "I Am Yours," with its strong drumbeat, resounds with the message that we are God's and He is worth our complete surrender.

The Bottom Line: Though Brooke Robertson's debut EP is short and sweet, it puts her on the radar of artists to watch carefully in 2018. While her message is a personal testimony of how God's plans are far better than our own, it also encourages the listener to join her and step closer into God's presence. 

For Fans Of: Bethany Dillon, Lauren Daigle, Meredith Andrews, Lindsay McCaul

Song to Download Now
"Back to the Shore" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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