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KB Delivers a Strong, Mature Album
Posted October 20, 2017
By BPence,

This is KB’s follow-up to 2015’s Tomorrow We Live. Much has happened in our county since that album was recorded. The album cover was illustrated by Alex Castro and directed by Alex Medina. It can be confusing at first, as the artist appears to be on the throne with a halo over his head. He has stated that the halo represents spiritual devotion and he is sitting on steps, not a throne. There are a number of symbols of people and objects that have impacted KB’s life.   
This is an excellent album, and has KB collaborating with a number of producers and special guests including Lecrae and Andy Mineo. Below are a few comments about each of the songs on the album:  
DNOU – This song is produced by Mykalife and written by Natalie Lauren and KB. DNOU stands for “Don’t Nobody Own Us”. About the song, KB has stated that if it honors God and your conscious is clear, do what you want. We should not let anyone rule over our decisions with their own fears and insecurities. This song has a good beat over keys. Key lyric: Does it honor God and conscience? You owe nothin' but your love man.  
Tempo -  This song was produced by Dirty Rice, Juicy Bangers and Joseph Prielozny. It is written by KB and was released as a single in July, 2016. KB has stated that the song is about focus and freedom. Key lyric: I'm gonna do what I've been called to do, not what's expected.  
Monster – This song is produced by Halo Hitz and Cardec Drums. It is written by Wes Writer, Hitz, Drums, KB and new Reach Records artist Aha Gazelle. Writer and Gazelle, who was featured on Lecrae’s “Watchu Mean” on his new All Things Work Together album, add vocals. The song features some of KB’s fast rap style.  
Key lyric: If it hadn't been for Jesus I'd be still runnin' around like I'm a gangster.  
Primetime -  This song is produced by COBRA and was written by Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, Ty Brasel and KB. The song has a good beat and features some strong vocals from Brasel.  KB has stated that the song is about failure not being final and we can rise in anything. Key lyric: I see L's like new lessons.
Get Through -  This song is produced by COBRA and features vocals from Reach Records label owner Lecrae, Andreas Moss and Bowie. The song is written by Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, Andreas Moss, David Brown, Dustin “DAB” Bowie, Lecrae and KB. The song is about hearing God’s voice as we go through struggles and the purpose in our pain. Lecrae’s and KB’s opening verses are hard-hitting. The song slows down at the bridge with vocals from Moss and KB. Key lyric: You see the voice whispers on the mountain tops and screams from the valleys. Listen, because when the voice gets strong. When the voice gets through, it can change the situation, but it also changes you.  
Art of Drifting – This song is produced by Blair Andre Atkinson and Cardec. It is written by KB. This is a sobering song about a dream he had, in which he drifted away from God and his Word and into sin. Part two of the story is in the following “Art of Hope”. Key lyric: God is not God no more. He is just a job homeboy, oh boy.  
Art of Hope –  This song is produced by Hillsong UNITED, Joel Houston, Joseph Prielozny and Cardec. It is written by KB. The song samples “With Everything” by Hillsong Worship. KB sings with emotion in this follow-on to the previous song “Art of Drifting”. The song is about the process of returning to God. The song ends with a part of the much-loved hymn “Be Thou My Vision”, with a female vocal, strings and piano.  
Not Today Satan – This song is produced by Cardec Drums, Dirty Rice and Joseph Prielozny. It is by written by KB and Andy Mineo, and features Mineo on vocals.  It’s a bold song featuring backing vocals, and some nice trumpet by Byron Juane. Key lyric: He bring up your past. Boy, bring up his future.  
I Am Not the One -  The song is produced by COBRA and Cardec. It is written by Cardec, Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny and KB. This song reflects the boldness of his faith. Key lyric: Calling me the Christian rapper. All I know I just wanna be more Christian than rapper.  
New Portrait -  This song is produced by Dirty Rice and written by Rice, Doctor Jarvis Williams, Lisa Sharon Harper, Emanuel Lambert and KB. This is a slower song, focusing on powerful lyrics over keys and strings. There are many different Christs portrayed. We need to focus on the true Christ. The song ends with a short spoken word excerpt from Lisa Sharon Harper and Doctor Jarvis Williams. Key lyric: Which Christ do you believe? You gotta know before you leave.   
Bring You War -  This song is produced by Scootie, and written by Joseph Priezlozny, Benjamin Backus, Luke Smallbone, Joel Smallbone, Michael Anderson and KB. It features vocals from Scootie as well as KING & COUNTRY, who joined Lecrae on the song “Messengers” from Anomaly. The bold and confident song features strong vocals over catchy percussion driven beat.  Key lyric: I don't know if you are wrong or if I'm right but If you want a war, I'll give a war.  
Sing to You -  This song is produced by COBRA and is written by Dirty Rice, Joseph Prielozny, Leeland Mooring, Natalie Lauren, Casey J and K.  It is about continuing to lift up worship and praise in song to the Lord in the midst of suffering and loss. The song includes organ, horn, a good beat, backing vocals, hand clap and vocals from Casey J. Key lyric: When sorrows falling down like rain, when I can hardly take the pain, all I know is, I will sing to You.
Rebel Intro -  This song is produced by Cardec and COBRA and written by Natalie Lauren, Dirty Rice, Cardec, Joseph Priezlozny and KB. It features vocals from Sarah Reeves, sampling Lecrae’s “Battle Song” from Rehab: The Overdose.
Rebel Rebel 88 – This song is produced by Cardec and written by Cardec and KB. KB is saying that his God is neither Democrat nor Republican. Christians need to be able to love people who disagree with them.  The song features a good percussion driven beat. His allegiance is to, and his primary identity is in, Christ. Key lyric:  I am American, Black is my heritage, but, before that, I am a child of the Kingdom.


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