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Substance and Symbolism
Posted September 28, 2017
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

The tenacious Dillon Chase has been faithful in putting out music for over a decade. His new album Drifting comes with a background story about a man named Adam Sphere. Adam started off as a bright-eyed young man whose father excited him with stories of the stars and space. Adam always vowed to see the stars that his dad told him about, even meeting a shining "star" who eventually became his wife. He later became an astronaut who got so close to seeing the stars. Unfortunately, the death of his father made him detached from life itself, hurting his relationship with his wife and causing him to be utterly disappointed when he finally reached his ultimate destination. The album is a definite metaphor for the journey of life a Christian. 

Chase raps in the persona of Adam. Drifting co-stars in the album include Jarry Manna, Sean Johnson, Kadence, Micah Smith and Drew Weeks, and the features are all fire! Although Chase does his thing on "Atmosphere," it is Micah Smith's haunting vocals that deserve particular praise. The same can be said for crooner Sean C. Johnson asking God to fill the void in his life on "Black Hole." Head nodder "Tone It Down" has a "Hip Hop 101" beat that allows Adam (Dillon) to spazz out. 

One of the best songs on the album comes from easy listening "Star Sailor," featuring the baritone drawl of Jarry Manna. Adam (Dillon) and Jarry complement each other with their contrasting voices and tones. 

Adam's story showcases an honest look at the life of a Christian, including the ugliness of letting down loved ones and turning one's back on God. On "Detaching," Chase spits in his trap cadence about "unhooking" from caring about the needs of family, moving away from God and becoming numb to it all. His narration at the beginning of the title track explains how detaching causes one to find themselves in an outlying place that they never intended to be. He says, "Drifting felt like freedom for a moment, but detachment doesn't bring freedom; only a perpetual prison." 

"Transcending" has Adam finally seeing the Light and coming back from a place that at one point seemed too far out of reach for even God Himself. The setup of the song helps to paint the picture of finally realizing God is still there, leading to worshipful triumph (accented by singer Drew Weeks) that comes with coming back home. After the triumph comes the "turn up!" This comes in the firm of the "Die Daily" anthem, featuring Kadence. The beat bangs while Kadence and Chase go hard.

The Bottom Line: I loved the relatable journey Adam takes in Drifting. If an artist is going to do a concept album, this is how to do it. The ups of salvation, the joyful bliss of being a newlywed, the ills of life happening and flaking on God, and the return to Christ were the themes of this album. Dillon Chase nailed it! 

Song to Download Now:
"Transcending" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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