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Another side to VERIDIA
Posted November 23, 2016

This EP displays a different side to the band....And they absolutely own it!  Deena's voice projects, Kyle's drum beats get more complicated and Brandon and Trevor's guitar skills stand out.  All the songs on this are worth buying, but they were nice and made them a free download.  "Tightrope" really showcases Deena's vocals and the lyrics are stunning.  "Dirty Secrets" has a fun drum beat and the lyrics hold hope for those dragged down by their flaws and imperfections of the past.  "Young And In Love" has a deeper meaning than most people realize and in additon, has some very impressive guitar lines.  "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" is a soothing song amidst the heartbreak and sorrow of life and VERIDIA can pull it off just as well as they can the energetic staples of their music.  "Still Breathing" has an upbeat, victorius edge, both musically and lyrically.  It shows that, despite your troubles (and sometimes even because of them), you can rise up and hold on to the fact that you're grateful to be alive.  An impressive EP!

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