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What Do You Fear?
Posted March 18, 2015
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Eshon Burgundy has the gritty East Coast Hip Hop style that I love. He delivers the lyrics in a manner that is both dope and impactful.
I was very surprised when he signed to Humble Beast Records because it seemed as if his style was so different from what artists like Beautiful Eulogy, Propaganda, Forknown and even J. Givens brings. That is what I get for underestimating how Humble Beast works with its artists and how they are able to allow the artists to be themselves from a musical standpoint. So Eshon released his first Humble Beast project The Fear of God and as expected… it bangs!
Of course when people see the album cover they wonder what it's about. Eshon has explained that the album cover represents the opposite of the fear of God. It shows how man wants to rule over their own life and pursue riches and other temporary pleasure. Shai Linne explains it during his interlude: "To fear the Lord is to stand in awe before the reality of God / in this sin infested world we live in, the fear of the Lord is the exception not the rule."
In "Healthy" featuring Je'kob, Eshon hits on several areas of fear that can spiral out of control without the proper fear and respect of God. In all obviousness, what is necessary is a healthy fear of God that begins with knowledge.
"Blood Money" is one that stands out to me because Eshon's chorus caught the attention of my students in my History class. It was actually quite entertaining to hear a few students trying to decipher exactly what he was trying to say in the chorus: "Blood money, blood money, blood money / pay for it all in blood / that's the price of love." His blood paid the price for our sins, but he did it for love.
I would be remiss if I did not mention how Eshon's wife Tandeace brought some heat at the end of "Come Alive." J.R. brings the alternative soul vocals while Eshon and J. Givens spit passionately about the igniting joy of finding Christ. Check her out!
No one else could have laced "Respect, Power & $" the way John Givez does. The track is ill, the bars are exceptional and the placements are on point. I know people are saying that he is everywhere, but this John Givez honestly falls as a standout lyricist and wordsmith.
Closing Thoughts:
Eshon does not disappoint, and the mixing on this album is a huge improvement from his previous album. There are however moments where I wonder what would happen if Eshon had different inflections in his voice. He is one of my favorite lyricists, but I would like to see him venture out a little like he did with the song "Close Your Eyes." Still, this album screams hip hop and boom bap, pointing you to Christ in a very overt way.
Song to Download Now:
"Healthy" (get it on iTunes here.)

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