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Posted March 18, 2015
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Bumps INF equals "real talk." When he puts out music, he doesn't pull any punches.
"Almost bought a strap so I can better protect my family / But I'm too afraid I'll use it on myself when I have a bad day." This is just a glimpse into the battle that he fights in his mind as described on "Prisoner." This is one of the things that separates him from other artists and typical youth group music.
He continues a look into his life and battles throughout Man vs. Machine. Bumps instills the help of Cephas da Remnant (his production touch is unmistakable), MPax (watch out for more from him), Marv4MoBeats (who produced most of the album) and more. Of course he has to have his God Over Money family along for the ride too. He definitely picked the right beats for the album.
Thematically Bumps tackles the ills of man's clinging to their own man-made "machines" of sorts, from stocks to denominations to anything else constructed by human ego. Bumps does not shy away from speaking about his divorce and being remarried.
Some may be caught off guard by "Desperate Measures." The track by Juice (of Soundbreaker Muzik) has a great flow, but the topic is intense. After an argument with his wife, Bumps goes to a bar, took off his wedding ring and sees a woman appealing to his eye. Conversation strikes, temptations get heavy… he gets up and leaves.
I have to say that it was a nice change to hear Bumps just spit on the "#Barz Outro" and "Solo Island," where he shows his humorous side with a lighter tone. "Logo (featuring Bizzle)" just bangs! It is one of those stank-faced tracks. Like he says on "Forever Yours," "Press play and let it bang if it isn't wack."
Closing Thoughts:
I like Bumps INF and what he believes in. He never shies away from his issues, and he walks through them. This album is real, and he puts it out there while still giving glory to God.
If you are a youth pastor, check this out and digest it. There may be a few kids in your group that feels like an outcast. This album could actually be a great conversation piece for those who feel like they are the only one out there with certain issues. Pick this up!
Song to Download Now:
"Prisoner" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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