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Finding Her Voice
Posted January 29, 2015
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

For close to a decade, Blanca Callahan was best known as the powerhouse vocalist from Group 1 Crew. November of 2013 brought the surprise announcement that she would be stepping down from the band to pursue a solo career. Now a wife and mother, Blanca felt called to step out on her own. Keeping much of her original sound and flaunting the bold, dynamic vocal skills we fell in love with in her G1C days, Blanca's first effort as a solo artist, Who I Am, is an EP you don't want to miss.
For most artists, the first song they release is a clear window into the message they want their ministry to convey, and although Blanca is far from a newcomer, title track and lead radio single "Who I Am" is no exception to that rule. Serving as a declaration over her life, it's fitting that this song would be the one that introduces us to this new season in Blanca's musical journey. In return, the track is already receiving positive feedback from fans relating to the message. "I'm holding to the One who holds me / Cause I know whose I am / I know who I am / I am sure I am Yours," the words proclaim.
The upbeat vibe, catchy beat and encouraging lyrics found in "Sunshine" resemble the sound of a Jamie Grace tune and promise to be stuck in your head for days to come. At first listen of "Echo," I was immediately hooked and impressed. The rythmic track is a standout on this EP for sure, using Blanca's soulful voice to sing out the lyrics "I was made to leave a mark / carry fire with my heart / no matter where I go / I want my life to echo You / I was meant to make You shine / be a reflection of Your light."
The final two tracks, "Not Backing Down" (which visits the R&B side of Who I Am and features a guest appearance from rapper Tedashii) and "Different Drum" carry the theme of standing out and being who God made you to be, ending the EP with a fun energy.
Closing Thoughts:
Who I Am may be technically considered as a freshman effort, but it's obvious that Blanca is a seasoned artist. The music featured here is the work of someone with a fearless heart for Jesus and a bold passion for the music she makes. Hopefully this EP is only a taste of what we'll be hearing from Blanca in the near future, as it's clear she's found her place as a solo artist.
Song To Download Now:
"Echo" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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