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Posted January 26, 2015
By SarahFine_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Though the gentlemen who make up New Zealand-originated electro pop/rock outfit Rapture Ruckus have lived in the states for several years now, they are still one of Christian music's best kept secrets. Several releases and multiple singles under their belt, they are simply one of those creatively innovative bands who makes you wonder why they don't have more attention.
Hold that thought.
Though their last EP, Invader Volume 1, did a great job of highlighting their musical talent, it showed little sonic innovation, and left fans to wonder where they were going next. Especially with the promise that the heavily synth-influenced band would be turning toward more organic instruments on Invader Volume 2.
"Organic" it is, but most definitely not in the way you might think. Not only has Rapture Ruckus raised the bar for themselves, they've potentially set it very high for others in their genre as well.
Frontman Brad Dring's abrasive rap vocals attack you as "Fire to the Night" embraces the underlying rock grit this band has always been at good at toning down in favor of more bubbly pop elements. While the pop edge is still very present, you can tell right away that you're in for a new listening experience.
"Boomerang" doesn't take itself too seriously lyrically, but what it lacks in depth, it makes up for in sheer musical splendor. This is a full on four on the floor song, and it's near impossible not to hit repeat once the songs ends.
Keeping with the whimsical theme, the quirky "Mr. Roboto" sounds the most like their prior techno-heavy sounding material.
"Minefield" runs with their roots as a rap acts and channels the likes of old school Thousand Foot Krutch with its in-your-face lyrical assault: "It's like this whole wide world wants to see me silenced, keep me focused on its drugs, sex, scandal and violence / But the all-seeing eye sees an act of defiance, 'cause they'll never get complete compliance."
"Parallax" takes what Rapture Ruckus is notoriously good at— pop music— and revamps its tired sound. This song is the perfect blend of what makes this band special, and if you're not again wondering why the band doesn't have more exposure at this point, you probably never will.
Several remixes by producers such as David Thulin and Unikron round out this solid EP, and though they honestly feel a tad dispensable, they add a nice touch.
Closing Thoughts:
Formalities are unnecessary. This is by far one of the strongest EPs I've heard in ages, and the best work Rapture Ruckus has released to date— bar none. Invader Volume 2 holds flawless melodic elements, fun lyrics and sheer freshness at its finest. You'd be doing yourself a great disservice by overlooking this one.
Song to Download Now:
"Boomerang" (Get it on iTunes here— and watch the video too!)

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