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Jason Nelson aims to make Jesus more famous
Posted January 03, 2015
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

It is said that there are times when fans and artists alike can get caught up in the vocal acrobatics of an artist and deem them "anointed" just for that alone. Although I am a fan of the vocals of Pastor Jason Nelson, this brother also--and more importantly--stands out for his heart for God and worship. He unites with producer Dana Sorey for the musical portion and enlists the help of fellow vocal beast/worship leader Daniel Johnson for the background vocal arrangements. The result is the album Jesus Revealed

"Right In This Place" deserves mention because it is just a fun song that screams exuberance and celebration. The arrangement has a disco/techno edge to it and makes me want to take it old school and do some dances like "lockin" and "the bump." I wouldn't suggest you start pop'n lockin' in the church if you hear him sing this song, but you will definitely want to dance. 

No matter if if Jason takes it church with some quartet style, hand clappin', foot stompin' a la "I Can Run" or ventures into the territory of Bluegrass, on "So In Love," the theme of passionate worship, gratitude and making Him known stays the same. Thankfully nothing seems contrived or misplaced. Something about the vamp of "So In Love" that resonates and challenges me. They just continually sing, "Oh, Oh, You have my love forever." With everything that tugs at us, does He really have our love? Thanks Jason!

"I Am" is just a beautiful song featuring masterful backing vocals from the likes of Charlin Neal, Krystle McConico, Gene Moore Jr, Jeremiah Hicks, and more. It's a call and response ballad reminding everyone of the ever present God in the midst of any hardship and difficulty. Great song in a society when the climate of racial tension, threats of terrorism, sickness, political dissension can be overwhelming at times. 

Closing Thoughts: 
This is THE album for Jason. He did not rest on his laurels or rely solely on his top notch vocal stylings. I always like to encourage people to get music that may or may not be their normal music. Jesus Revealed would be a good choice! 

Song to Download Now:
"So In Love" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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