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Powerful and Emotional Worship
Posted August 17, 2014
By PhronsieHowell_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Award-winning group Selah has had a heart for worship since their origin. No matter the style of song, the sincerity behind the lyrics comes through in the emotional vocals and instrumental backing. Todd Smith, Amy Perry and Allan Hall have worked hard this past year to bring You Amaze Us to life. This latest studio project is a combination of old and new worship that blends seamlessly together for a complete experience.

"Soon and Very Soon" is a traditional hymn by Andraé Crouch to which Selah added an African flair and new bridge melody. Not only is it sung in English, it's also sung in the language of Todd's childhood, Kituba. The language and new melody work well with the hymn and make for an interesting new take on an old classic.

"O The Blood" and "At The Cross" are powerful reminders of what happened at Calvary. "O The Blood" is wonderfully backed by a choir that lends to the emotion behind the piece. "At The Cross" includes the goosebump-inducing lyrics "At the cross, the Prince of Heaven died. At the cross, death became a lie," reminding listeners of exactly what the cross means. Both songs fit well in the overall theme of being amazed by God and what He's done in the lives of those who believe in Him.

Closing Thoughts:
I can definitely hear more than a few of these songs being sung in churches, as You Amaze Us has songs that will appeal to many different styles of worship. The blend of new and old songs works well and adds to the cross-generation appeal. You Amaze Us is another great release from Selah.

Song to Download Now:
"At The Cross" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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