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Inspirational Album of the Year
Posted August 11, 2014
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Lindsay McCaul has pure and strong vocals that remind me of Brooke Fraser and Audrey Assad, my favorite female vocalists of all time. Her Reunion Records debut If it Leads Me Back was one of the most captivating albums I've ever heard, and one of my Top 10 Albums of 2012. After an almost three year wait, Lindsay has changed labels and returns with her Centricity Music release One More Step, with eleven vibrant and insightful songs available everywhere August 19.

The opening track and lead single "Empty Handed" is an engaging song with Lindsay's passionate vocals setting the tone for this exceptional effort. The album tells the story of redemption as each song gives a glimpse of how Lindsay offers her Psalm-like prayers to God. The bridge includes the biblical and confessional lyrics "You're worth everything / I won't count the cost / All I thought was gain / Count it all as loss." The reflective opener has a super-catchy musical vibe and is a wonderful prayer capturing Lindsay's heart for God.

"A Little" has a contemporary pop music feel. Lindsay trusts in the Lord throughout the song, offering herself as a living sacrifice as she prays "I'm so small, I'm so weak, I'm here, so use me…There's a lot You can do with a little." "Jesus Be" establishes a prayerful flow with its lyrics.

My new favorite Lindsay McCaul song is "One More Step." The poignant and autobiographical story song is highlighted by introspective lyrics and of course Lindsay's great singing. She is an artist in every sense of the word. The captivating new song moves me emotionally and connects me spiritually to the truth behind the song about her father who passed away: "It's one more step, blink your eyes, you'll be home on the other side / running down the golden streets, you'll hear a million angels sing / so one more kiss on earth is all that's left, before the breath of Heaven fills your chest / and you finally see His face and find your rest, One more step."

Lindsay's vocals and heartfelt sincerity in songs like "With the Brokenhearted" cause me to hang on every word she sings. She is joined by Brandon Heath on this cut. Both singers trust in the Lord throughout the emotional ballad with the stirring words "I know God is always with the brokenhearted."

I can't get enough of the upbeat ukulele-led song of commitment to Christ "Mess Like Me." It is another standout song thanking Jesus for giving us what we don't deserve and for paving the way for righteousness. I sing along at the top of my lungs with the piercing words: "Your hands are holding me when I'm falling apart / Your peace keeps calming all the crazy in my heart / Breaking down or busted up / You always help me see that Your love won't leave even a mess like me."

In "Love Won't Give Up," you'll physically feel the emotion so poignantly expressed by Lindsay as she passionately cries out "Lift up your eyes and see…That Love won't give up on you." I cherish how this album tells the story of trusting in the Lord as each song displays how Lindsay expresses her prayers to God, allowing listeners to eavesdrop on her vertical offerings.

Closing Thoughts:
Lindsay McCaul writes and sings captivating and catchy songs filled with inspirational lyrics. This is a great new collection of heartfelt and inspirational songs about the journey of life we are all on as pilgrims, keeping our eyes on the prize of eternal life in Jesus Christ. Musically, the album features a great mix of confessional ballads and singer-songwriter pop music. The stirring vocals, prayerful lyrics and musical arrangements are breath-taking. This is a Spirit-filled and emotional listening experience.

"Empty Handed," "A Little," "Jesus Be," "One More Step," "With the Brokenhearted," "The In Between," "Mess Like Me" and "Love Won't Give Up" are all stand-out tracks filled with overwhelming biblical truth. Every song is a great reminder for followers of Jesus wrestling with doubts and trying to live out their faith. If you are looking for the inspirational album of the year in the style of Blessings by Laura Story, then look no further than One More Step.

Song to Download Now:
"One More Step" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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