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Freshman Album With a Senior Sound
Posted August 04, 2014
By DwayneLacy_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Tasha Page-Lockhart is a young lady who grew up around gospel music in church. Her mother Lisa Page Brooks was part of the Contemporary Gospel group Witness, while her stepfather Michael Brooks was a founding member of the monumental group Commissioned. Tasha even had a stint in the group Witness, but it was short lived. She spiraled into drugs, homelessness and depression.

Eventually God totally brought her out (without rehab), and she auditioned and won the Gospel contest Sunday Best. She then signed with Kirk Franklin's Fo Yo Soul label and is now releasing her debut album Here Right Now. Known for her powerhouse vocals and commanding stage presence, Tasha's new project showcases her vocals, but also her versatility.

Lead single "Different" did nothing but wet the appetites of aficionados who were waiting for her album to drop! Tasha sings of how she is not the same person who was once out of control. The track is funky in melody, autobiographical in lyrics and churchy in terms of her adlibs. Tasha's mom Lisa Page-Brooks joins in on the old school jam "I'm Living" and shows where Tasha gets her chops from. If anyone remembers "Rough Side of the Mountain" by the late F.C. Barnes and Company, they will understand the part of the chorus that says "I'm doing my best to make it in."

As I stated earlier, this album showcases more than her strong vocals. This is proved by the moving ballad "Fragile" and the sobering "Welcome." On the latter, Tasha gives a look at the reality of mysteries in this thing we call life. The title "Faith Come Alive" neatly explains the song's meaning, because Tasha is speaking to her own faith to be ignited and to live by it. I love the way her vocals and the background vocals mesh together like a beautiful two person waltz.

Maroon 5 keyboardist and soul artist PJ Morton joins in on "Yours" and helps to bring the song to another level. Tasha was handling her own on this song that has a ride-with-your-top-down summer vibe, but it also has some perfect touches from PJ Morton.

Closing Thoughts:
This is what a debut album should be: solid in vocal delivery, strong lyrics featuring her testimony and great production that showcases what the artist can do without overshadowing her. Having Kirk Franklin as a mentor and producer does not hurt at all! Tasha Lockhart-Page has a smash hit on her hands and the future is bright for her. 

Song to Download Now:
"Different" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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