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Enticing First Taste
Posted June 02, 2014
By CaitlinLassiter_NRT, Staff Reviewer

EPs are hard to tackle, requiring an artist to fit everything they have to say into such a small space while trying to catch the attention of the listening audience. However hard the task, Jon Guerra did it, and did it well. Glass, his latest release, is centered around giving God the glory He deserves and quickly leads us into an attitude of worship. 

Starting off with a catchy beat, "I Will Follow" speaks of following Jesus wherever He leads. Whether good or bad circumstances, Jon challenges us to hold onto God with all we are and continue to follow Him. "Stained Glass," the standout track on the EP, begins with a beautiful piano melody and encourages us to take all the baggage we carry with us to God and let Him make us new. "We're stained, it's true / but when Your light shines through / we all look like stained glass windows to You.

"Wherever You Are" is a timely reminder that no matter where we go or what we're facing, God has been there and He won't leave us. The greatest moment of worship comes through in "Enough For Me," a song that comes straight from the heart. Guerra is transparent in these lyrics by proclaiming that he doesn't know what's going on, but he knows he has God's love and that's enough for him. 

Coming to a close with an acoustic version of "I Will Follow," this EP is hard to find fault with and leaves us wanting to hear more. 

Closing Thoughts:
Glass went above and beyond my expectations. Honest lyrics, solid vocals, and beautiful instrumentation make any record a success, and this one proved to be no different. These songs carried through the theme of worship incredibly well, making it nearly impossible to find a bad track in the mix. Jon Guerra did an outstanding job, and he is sure to be getting some positive feedback from this project. 

Song To Download Now:
"Stained Glass"

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