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Have Your Way in Me
Posted March 30, 2014
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Unspoken is a 4-member band comprised of lead singer Chad Mattson, bassist Jon Lowry, guitarist Mike Gomez and drummer Ariel Munoz. We were first introduced to original compositions from Unspoken with the group's debut Centricity Music EP Get to Me, which featured the hit song, "Who You Are." They followed that up with their EP The World Is Waking, which featured the hit song, "Lift My Life Up."

This full-length eponymous album includes the aforementioned songs, along with previously digital only releases "Walking Away," "Everything," "Bury the Workman," and the vertical worship song "In Your Hands." There are an additional six new songs for this album, available in all formats April 1. The extended introduction to this great new band is a novel approach, building in some radio airplay and name recognition to propel this very talented musical act forward on their journey of faith. 

"Who You Are" is a beautiful reminder that one's past does not have to dictate one's future. That thread of redemption is woven throughout all of the tracks, and is capped off with the poignant ballad "My Recovery" which addresses Mattson's personal connection with Celebrate Recovery. He was freed from the shackles of addiction and celebrates his recovery each year on February 4th. That theme is also in the new songs, "Good Fight" and "Call it Grace." Celebrating God's unmerited favor in the life of a believer is what fuels Christians to finish the race set before us.

"Start a Fire" is the first song and next single from the band. It is an exciting heart cry to live out Matthew 5:16 as the band sings: "Over and over again, I hear Your voice in my head, let Your light shine, let Your light shine for all to see." The song is a perfect example of how the band is committed to "carry the news that You have come to save, only You can save."

In this age of lyrical ambiguity, there is no question that this band is sold-out for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That same torch is carried in their hit song, "Lift My Life Up" which is a beautiful harmonious blend of "Take My Life And Let It Be" and "I Surrender All," sung as a modern chorus for the Church to all proclaim in unison, "Have Your Way in Me!

New song "Tomorrow" is another guaranteed hit, which is also included as a radio mix. "I can't miss a chance to leave it in Your hands, I don't know what tomorrow holds, I'm learning how to let it go, Jesus You are in control of my tomorrow," sings the chorus which leads to the bridge, "it's only when I seek You first, seek You first, that everything falls into place, It's only when I trust Your Word, trust Your word, that every fear is washed away."

That theme of leaving it "In Your Hands" and finding rest is beautifully phrased in the vertical worship song, "In Jesus my soul finds rest, 'Cause I can leave it in Your hands." The song is the anthem of praise for recovering worriers, addicts and perfectionists who struggle with the unknown. As the song testifies, "Amen, I can leave it in Your hands.

The trio of songs, "Walking Away," "Everything" and "Bury the Workman" are all catchy and biblical refrains about the hope we all have in Christ, praising Jesus for the "peace beyond my understanding, nothing can compare, pressing on forward, looking up towards the prize, fixing my eyes on Paradise" with language straight out of Paul's epistles sung in a catchy and memorable fashion in standout song, "Walking Away."  

Possibly my favorite gem on the entire album is "Everything," which sums up the main statement of the album, "By Your stripes I am made whole, I have everything because of what You've done, neither life nor death can take away the power of Your blood, that is everything and it will always be enough, if I only have Your love, I have everything.

Closing Thoughts:
If you want to experience an uplifting soul-stirring and "gourmet" worshipful album, look no further than Unspoken. "You can silence the voices, but you can't stop the song, when the Spirit's moving, His will, will be done, you can bury the workman but the work will go on" is the refrain of the Mark 13:31 inspired sing-along anthem: "Bury the Workman."

With this excellent album, Unspoken is offering a great example of how you can write and sing lyrics that are unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and reach the lost with transparent confessions of faith.

Throughout the album, I love the confessional and biblical lyrics and Mattson's emotive vocals cause me to hang on every word such as: "So let the ashes fall wherever they land / Come back from wherever you've been / To the foot of the cross / To the feet of Jesus / Where you are is never too late, so bad, so much that you can't change / At the foot of the cross you can change who you are."

Unspoken is the best new band to hit the Christian music scene since Sidewalk Prophets in my opinion. The album is chock full of potential radio singles and every song is completely captivating. If you've been desperately waiting for a fresh filling of Christ focused catchy songs about relying completely on God's grace then don't miss out on this incredible album, one of the best of the year.

Song You Should Download First: 
"Start a Fire" (Get it on iTunes here)

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