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Skillet Continues To Rise
Posted December 30, 2013
By KevinMcNeese_NRT, Staff Reviewer

I'm so impressed with this band on so many levels. For eight years over the past three albums, (Comatose, Awake and now Rise), they have been on a total rampage dominating every chart they touch. 2006's Comatose combined the best of their earlier rock/synth styles of Alien Youth and Hey You, I Love Your Soul with their raw hard rock sounds of Collide and kicked off what has been an incredible run of albums that continue to top each other. Most bands would kill to have just one or two hits (well, not Christian bands, but you know the saying). Skillet keeps packing entire albums with them!

Now that the successful transition of lead guitarist is behind them, I keep waiting for the next leg of Skillet's 18+ year journey to be marred like so many bands before them. Surly, musical greatness can't continue at this level for much longer, can it? Of course, I was saying the same thing when Awake overtook Comatose as my favorite Skillet album ever. And here I am three years later, knocking off Awake for Rise

John's vocals sound like they are one scream away from combustion. Jen beats on those drums with the intensity of a super-human, driving every single song to the core of your being. Kory's programming at both guitar and keys is an undeniable force shaping their original and unique sound. And Seth produces jaw-dropping guitar solos in his sleep. The guys (and gals) are performing at an incredible level, and making it looking like it's just another casual Friday at work.

Rise is heavy hitting and filled with the strings Skillet fans have grown to love. "Not Gonna Die," "Circus For A Psycho," "Madness In Me," "What I Believe" and one of the best songs of the year, "Sick Of It," punch incredibly hard. Jenn and Kory trade vocals with John giving songs yet another layer to love and on "Fire And Fury" the melodies and trade-offs on lead are simply beautiful. Even when Skillet steps a bit off track of their norm, as on "My Religion," a southern drag of rockabilly, it works. "Good To Be Alive" and "American Noise" prove Skillet can still write a driving ballad like none other. 

Closing Thoughts:
Skillet is at the top of their game and have released yet another career-defining album packed with some of the best songs of the year. Their dominance is for good reason. And they continue to point towards messages of hope, redemption and faith in the midst of some pretty dark times. This world needs Skillet and I'm encouraged they are being so welcomingly received.

Song to Download:
"Good To Be Alive"

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