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In the eye of this hurricane there is the Truth
Posted November 08, 2013
By thesoundofsaved,

In the eye of Natalie Grant's new cd, "Hurricane", there is peace, conviction, salvation, and truth, all wrapped up in a neat package that spans modern danceable pop, country, folk rock, and moving ballads. On its musical surface it seems she wished to craft an album that would appeal to a broader audience than usual, and if that was the intent...well, it works.

Kicking off with the upbeat "Closer To The Heart", she gets her listener moving right away. By song's end if you aren't dancing around the room you are at least tapping the beat out somewhere. Forget all the Katy Perrys out there, this is the dance pop anthem for the girls of 2013.

Another track. "For All Of Us", enters the praise and worship arena, taking the listener to the cross and celebrating the victory of the crucifixion. I can imagine this tune carried across the festival stage and crowd, hands raised high in the air.

Then there's the piano pop ballad, "Burn Bright", an encouraging and uplifting ode to self worth and esteem. "You were made for so much more", she sings triumphantly, and we believe it wholeheartedly. If there's a young female, or even male, that you know is struggling with these types of self issues, play them this song. It lifts me up, and I'm pushing 50 here!

In "This Love" she returns to the dance pop sound that is so popular on modern secular radio these days. But instead of celebrating false notions of love that get preached to the masses in today's world, she delights in Truth and tells us what love really is. This is another pop anthem that not only gets you moving but lifts you up as well.

This album is really good, and plays out well on a whole. Though, I have picked only a selection of tracks to talk about here, this album isn't a random selection of tunes that she or her producers just threw in here. From its upbeat anthemic opening, to its equally anthemic closer, "In The End", the songs have a certain order and theme that is best listened to in its entirety. This makes that final song even more triumphant. "In The End" takes the indie folk sound of secular groups like Of Monsters And Men, or Mumford & Sons, and brings them into the Christian music scene. Laced with banjo and a sing along chorus, this leaves you at album's end feeling like you've been to a tent revival meeting, especially with its nod to traditional hymns and its sing-with-me refrain of Glory, Glory, Hallelujah.

So, we go through the hurricane, settle down in the eye with some life affirming, soul convicting assurances, then come back out the other side feeling changed and lifted. Amazing work, Natalie Grant. Can't wait to see what you do next...

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Releasing October 2 |More News

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