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All I can say is Wow!
Posted November 01, 2013
By Quadpa702,

I was driving in the country with my wife and we were listening to a Christian Rock Radio show from a tiny radio station our of Minneapolis. Suddenly, the usual tones of Rez, Petra etc, were shattered by a band out of California called STRYPER and the song was "From Wrong to Right."  I litterally had tears in my eyes as I listened and finally heard music that was as good as any arena band out there, and I knew Christian music would never be the same.

I was hooked.  Up to that point, I was just a rocker and I didn't really even like metal music.  Too much screaming for my tastes.  I was a guitarist and singer when I got saved in 82, and up to that point, I played Styx, Journey, Kansas, etc in a local bar band.  After my conversion, I put the equipment away to seek the Lord and "see what he wanted me to do."  After several months, songs began to come to my mind, and I started to write.

My style was drastically changed from 3 chord rock when STRYPER hit the airwaves and my record player..(now there's a blast from the past,) to melodic Christian metal.  Go to MySpace and do a music search for "Kings N Priests" and you'll get the idea.


Fast forward to No More Hell To Pay.   This album starts out fast and never lets up.  Some highlights are Saved By Love, and Water to Wine, but this album is filled with hits. Nearly every song is classic STRYPER at it's best.  


I can't wait for the release in just a few days.     



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