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Stryper is best when they sound like themselves.
Posted October 30, 2013
By foralltosee,

And they do with this one.  Time has been kind to the four members of Stryper, certainly regarding their musical prowess and Michael's ability to soar over the high volume blare with so much style and grace.  Their message is important, yes, but without music this strong to back up, what would be the point?  I found Stryper not long before their hiatus in the early nineties, but the impact their work had on me has never waned.  I'm never not impressed by what Michael and Oz can do as guitarists, and the vocals are always perfect for the song, and this is coming from someone who appreciates Soldiers Under Command and Against The Law equally.  No More Hell To Pay feels like the glue that held those two disparate presentations of Stryper together far more than anything they've done since their rebirth in 2003.  It's a common compliment these days, but the truth is the truth - Stryper stand out when they do what they do best, holding their own against any hard rock act that's risen up in the last thirty years.  I ADORE this album! 

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