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Story's Next Riveting Chapter
Posted September 30, 2013
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Laura Story has lived out an almost indescribable story of faith, grace and blessings. Most known for her award winning, gold selling single "Blessings," Story is releasing her newest album, God of Every Story. The album contains 10 compelling new vibrant and insightful songs and one re-recording of "Grace" that she penned for her album. Laura's husband Martin suffered a brain tumor early in their marriage in 2006, which inspired "Blessings" and she and her husband recently welcomed their baby girl Josie to their family.
Like her song "Indescribable," this album opens with the congregational friendly song "There Is A Kingdom" which showcases Laura's gifts as a songwriter for the Church. The song opens with an upbeat tempo and the call to worship, "Church arise and, sing for the joy / Sing for the joy we found / with our lives we, shout out Your praise God, we proclaim Your Kingdom's coming." The album is loaded with that type of worshipful truth as Laura sincerely praises God for His goodness in every single song. "O Love of God" is another vertically focused song including the lyrical word pictures, "O love of God, my shield and spade, Will You turn me to the oceans of Your grace?"
God has gifted Laura as a storyteller, and like in her previous offerings, the highlights are found in her vulnerable prayer-songs, including lead single, "I Can Just Be Me." There is a lyrical nugget for Christians looking for words to express their deep feelings of knowing that this fallen world is not their home: "I've been living like an orphan / Trying to belong here / But it's just not my home."
Right from the opening notes of "God of Every Story," you'll be mesmerized by the melody and message of this amazing song. The piano melody and sweeping strings frame the transparent, vulnerable and moving title track, which Laura said was the last song written for the album. The song ties all of the other songs together, anchored down by the biblical truth of Isaiah 55, "His ways are higher / than we could ever comprehend / when our world is shaking, He holds us in the palm of His hand." Amen. 
God's promises us in His Word that His mercies are new every morning. Whatever situation you are facing you can know that God is with you, always. That truth is tenderly portrayed in "Who But Jesus." Laura praises the loving and sacrificial attributes of our Savior as she achingly sings, "Who but Jesus, loves this sinner / He alone is my righteousness."
"Keeper of The Stars" was originally the title track before Laura and producer Ed Cash wrote "God of Every Story." It's another song for the Church. I really like how Laura changes pronoun tense similar to "10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman as she sings, "I'm giving it all to the Keeper of the stars / You're the Keeper of the stars / Look up now, O my soul / See His greatness and behold, behold!" I'd love to sing the song with fellow believers.
"He Will Not Let Go" is a gorgeous closer. Laura achingly sings this tender and prayerful ballad about God's faithfulness. I love the closing words of the song and album: "I've heard it soft, this too shall pass, the joy will come, that the hurt won't last / so I will trust that within His grasp / I am not alone / For He will not let go." Amen.
Closing Thoughts:
God of Every Story is a Spirit-filled and emotional listening experience. All eleven songs are catchy, worshipful and biblically focused. If you liked "Blessings," then you absolutely must have this album. Laura is an anointed songwriter and she has a profound way of bringing me to the Throne Room of grace with her poignant words, tender singing, and inspirational truths. I get welled up singing along with several of the emotional laden songs, especially "I Can Just Be Me," "God of Every Story," "Who but Jesus," "You Gave Your Life" and "He Will Not Let Go." If you are looking for the inspirational album of the year, look no further than this album.
Song to Download Now:
"Who But Jesus" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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