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Feed Your Soul: Profound lyrical truth
Posted August 21, 2013
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Christa Wells is an amazing independent artist from Raleigh, North Carolina who is releasing her newest album, Feed Your Soul. The album contains twelve compelling new vibrant and insightful songs that she penned for her album. Christa won the 2006 Dove Award for Songwriter of the Year for her moving song, “Held” as recorded by Natalie Grant. Most recently she co-wrote “Need You Now (How Many Times)” by Plumb.

This album opens with the standout song “Vanity Vanity” which showcases not only Christa’s gifts as a songwriter, but her gorgeous, emotion-laden voice. The song opens with an upbeat tempo and these confessional lyrics, “When they passed me over like a penny on the sidewalk, I wanted to roll into the gutter, I wanted to listen in case they talked, oh little darling have you got a problem, better treat it before it gets too late.” The album is loaded with that type of profound lyrical truth as Christa exposes her heart in every single song.

Her next song “Have Your Eyes Open” features Ellie Holcomb and is a great healing song for any one dealing with depression or anxiety. Like all of Christa’s songs, there is a lyrical nugget for Christians, “with ears to hear” the Truth of the Gospel. In this song, Ellie and Christa vocally blend beautifully as they sing, “you have heard of the strange figure who visited the poor, He gave His own body to ransom their souls, seems too good to be true, but you haven’t found it false. I believe there’s a Light coming to find you if you keep your eyes open, have your eyes open when it comes.” Those are some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard in any song, and it moves me to tears.

Right from the opening notes of “This Thing is Not Going to Break You,” you’ll be mesmerized by the melody and message of this amazing song. The piano melody and sweeping strings frame the transparent, vulnerable and moving ballad. This song is one of the many highlights of this album. Rarely has an album affected me this deeply, as many of the songs cause me to physically feel the depth and sincerity of Christa’s goose bump-inducing, emotional vocals.

“Shine” is a standout song, featuring a children’s chorus with the call to action, “He shines His light through a prism / we give back what we’re given / to color this / to color this / to color this world…be the one to take a stand. Say it your own way.”

“Come Close Now” is another instant classic based on a true story, featuring Christa's breathtaking lyrics: “what can I bring to your fire, should I sing while your roof is coming down, can I hold you while the flames burn higher, should I brave the heat and come close to you now, can I come close now?”

If you are looking for words to express the prayerful yearnings of your heart, sing along with the catchy anthem, “Feed Your Soul”-- “If you are empty and you want to be whole…Truth and silence, all sons and daughters, feed your soul.”

“You Are My Defense” is my favorite song on the album. Truly they all are. Christa sings this tender and prayerful ballad about dealing with depression directly to God, “Same shadows I’ve known since I was eighteen, weeks before winter falls you’ll find me in the back hall hiding, I feel the sunshine slip away.”

That leads to the encouraging chorus: “Will You feed my soul through the night? I don’t know how to climb out of this valley, I don’t want to go back where I’ve been, but every time You’ve laid Yourself beside me, Your Love my one defense, You are my defense.” God’s promises us in His Word that His mercies are new every morning. Whatever struggle or depression you are facing you can know that God is with you, always.

“The Way That You Love Me” is an upbeat love song and declares “I’m just saying you’ve got some kind of power, thank you for using it for good, I don’t make it easy but I love the way, the way that you love me.” This excellent album ends with “Being Loved” where Christa achingly sings, “Being loved is a hard thing to take / I will try, I will try” and in the bridge she croons, “We are born unclothed / as we came, we will go.” Amen.

Closing Thoughts:
I have the opportunity to listen to literally everything released in Christian music, and Feed Your Soul is a profound listening experience. This album dramatically affects me personally and spiritually, and is my top "gourmet" album of the year. Christa Wells is an incredibly anointed singer-songwriter in the style of Brooke Fraser, Audrey Assad and JJ Heller. It is the ultimate privilege for me to experience her gift of music making with all of my senses "in Spirit and in Truth." This album is poignantly named for what it does for anyone who is a follower of Jesus: "Feed Your Soul." All twelve songs are captivating and if you like Christa's emotional songs, "Need You Now (How Many Times)" co-written with Plumb, and "Held" as recorded by Natalie Grant, then you absolutely must have this album. Christa has always had a knack for hitting me where I am spiritually and expressing the prayerful yearnings of my heart. This album is no exception as I get welled up praying along with several of the songs, especially “Have Your Eyes Open,” “This Thing Is Not Going to Break You,” “Come Close Now,” “You Are My Defense” and “Being Loved.”

Song to download now: “Have Your Eyes Open” -

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