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Corey Kilgannon: Let Go
Posted June 25, 2013

If you have been reading TCMRB for any length of time then you have probably heard us mention Corey Kilgannon at some point. About two years ago he released his first album and since has released another EP, a Christmas single, and now a brand new album. Corey's music has progressed with each release; each has become progressively better musically and better produced and with each release his sound seems to become fuller and more professional sounding. Let Go strays a little from Corey's acoustic beginnings to the use of multiple instruments and the occasional gang vocals. (I am a sucker for some good gang vocals.)

The album starts off with "Bandits," which is quite frankly one of my favorite songs on the album. The song begins with a nice kick-drum - and who isn't a sucker for a good kick-drum? Corey's voice was one of the things that instantly drew me into his music, and "Bandits" does a great job of showcasing his great voice to start off the record. "Drifter" is probably the best song live off the record - of the ones I have heard him play. The energy in the song is fantastic, making it not only a great live song but also a fun one to listen to through your speakers. I love the part of the chorus where he says, "If you throw everything you have to chance please know we are all waiting for your return, oh drifter."

"October Breeze" is one of my favorite tracks instrumentally on the album, from the great guitar work by Corey to some sweet violins throughout the song. Also, one of my favorite lines on the album comes from "October Breeze" when he says in the chorus, "If life is a riddle I'm so glad I've got you here to figure it out with me." The title track that follows is what I would consider the most developed song overall on the record. I feel like instrumentally, vocally, and production wise "Let Go" is the most full-sounding song on the record.

The fifth song on the record, "Summer Nights," is easily my favorite song Corey has ever released. The track is one of the more fun songs on Let Go, in which he talks about running away with this girl he loves. He says, "We could just write our own fate. I'd like to find myself lost with you." I'm pretty sure I have every word to this song memorized and frequently get it stuck in my head - even if I haven't listened to it in awhile. This track is a perfect representation of the whole album. Corey followed up such a fun-loving song in "Summer Nights" with a very somber one next in "Disappear." If you are prone to crying, you might want to grab a box of tissues before listening to this one. The song tells the story of a guy falling in love with this girl who ends up leaving him without much explanation and absolutely breaks his heart. He never gives up on her though because he cannot shake the feelings he has for her.

After such a sad song, "Yours Only" might cheer you up a little. Once again, the song is about love - this seems to be a theme running through most of Corey's songs. This one, however, has a much happier ending than "Disappear." In this one the girl says, "I promise I'll be here. I promise I'm yours only." This is another track where I absolutely love Corey's voice. It is very smooth and is showcased perfectly by the soft instrumentals.

"Soon" is very well accentuated by the piano, which gives it a much more somber mood than the other tracks on the record. In the song Corey talks about not being able to fully express his feelings to this particular girl. "Cross My Heart" has what I would consider more of a country sound than the rest of the album, especially during the chorus. (Maybe preparing to move to Nashville influenced his sound a little bit.) "Trying" is another really sad song in which he talks about trying to let go of a lost love. "Forget My Name" follows that up by saying that he wishes he could just disappear and everyone would forget about him and his mistakes. Then "Tennessee" finishes up the album by talking about how much he could wait to move to Nashville and experience that lifestyle.

I have really enjoyed seeing Corey grow as a musician. Almost two years ago when I first met him and reviewed his first album I was so excited about his music and where he would go. I have seen him countless times live and have listened to his music so many times over the past couples years. I feel as if he has definitely come a long way from two years ago. His live performance is fantastic, and this record definitely shows the work of a skilled and experienced musician. If I need a quick pick-me-up this is the record I turn to. Let Go is easily worth your $10, and that money will not only be going to help a musician trying to begin his career but some of the proceeds will also go to build wells in Haiti. If you are looking for a new artist to add to your iPod you will definitely want to check out Corey Kilgannon.


Favorite Song: Summer Nights


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